How to practice balancing on wheels everyday?

Pedal Racer boy riding pedal racer
Above is the picture of Tobar Pedal Racer

The best fun way to exercise in the morning is to use Tobar Pedal Racer. This is one of the best, and most enjoyable balancing rider I have ever seen. There was a time when people used to tie a thick string at a certain height, with the help of two poles fixed into the ground, and then they would slowly walk on that thick rounded rope (with a stick in hand) for balancing, and showing their stunts at the same time, to earn some money from the surrounding viewers. Nobody thought of such an unusual balancing toy, like Tobar Pedal Racer, at that time, but now it has become reality and kids are enjoying it like never before. This toy looks simple enough with four wheels and two pedals, but its really hard to balance on it when you want to ride on it, and move forward with it, while pedaling the pedals with your two feet.

The two pedals in this rider toy are never on same level. If one foot is put on any one pedal, than that pedal will be pushed downward, causing the other pedal to move upward. The actual game is to keep your balance, while pushing the alternate pedals up and down, as this rider toy moves forward only after pedaling the wheels. By lot of practice, balancing, while moving forward, can be mastered but the real challenge is to keep the balance and not to fall while pedaling in the backward direction. The children love such challenges, and this could be the best rider game to be used for competitions in schools, and even in colleges for elder students. Just watch this nice youtube video to see this rider toy in action with someone who is trying to balance on it.

Tobar is actually a UK based supplier of toys in their own brands. This pedal racer is being sold by them on Amazon. However they doesn't seem to be the original manufacturer of this product, as its no where written on their official website that they manufacture this product. It seems like they are importing this product from China, and than branding it in their own brand, and selling it. I am saying this because I have seen this particular pedal racer toy being sold on, which is basically a site, where only Chinese manufacturers and traders are selling their products. It seems cheaper on, but than if you import only 1 item from China, shipping cost will be very high, and so it will cost even more than the price it is getting sold on Amazon.

If you need more bigger challenge than you must buy another pedal racer toy called Fun Wheels which is being sold by This is even more challenging, as it has only two wheels, instead of four. Its difficult to balance on two wheels than four wheels. Also the wheels in this product have more height than the one mentioned earlier. Better to buy both, for all the great fun and excitement in a broader way, or even to gift someone.

Below is the picture of Fun Wheels
Fun Wheels pedal racer

This fitness tracker acts as a coach and tells you through audio voice how close you are for your targeted level of workout.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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