This device will help to reuse your old and expired smartphone battery

Better Re
A Korean company Enlighten Inc has developed a device which can be used to charge your phone on the go with the help of any of your old mobile phone batteries which you are not using anymore. The name of this device is BETTER RE. You simply need to open up BETTER RE device and fit inside it your old battery and then simply close it. Once closed just use the USB cable (provided along with the purchase) to connect your phone (you want to charge) with the Better Re (slot is provided in Better Re for connection through cable wire provided) and you are done to start charging your phone. Many different types of mobile phone batteries of different sizes (big, small or thick) and of different brands can be made to fit inside the Better Re. Since the product is still into development phase (as I am writing) its still not sure which expired smart phone batteries and of what sizes are actually compatible or not compatible to be used to fit into Better Re. Here is a nice youtube video telling everything about this awesome product.

According to the company most people change their mobile phone battery very soon without utilizing its maximum power. Almost 80% of the battery power is still unutilized and company has made it possible to utilize the remaining 80% by using their Better Re power pack device which upcycle the battery life when placed into it. Upcycling is different from recycling and you can know the difference between upcycling and recycling through these infographics. The company's main objective is to utilize the unutilized and prevent the environment from e-waste which has become the major problem of the world now. Go crazy and stack multiple expansion packs connected via magnet to provide even more charge capacity.

People also use power pack chargers (to charge their smart phones on the go) which are again charging devices having different capacity lithium ion batteries in them. Through power pack charger you can extend your battery life to talk more, listen more music, do more internet surfing etc through your smart phone. The company called Verbatim is the major player behind the production of such power pack chargers with different battery capacities. A higher capacity power pack charger can run your smart phone for longer time whichever way you are using it whether to talk or chat or surf internet etc. Just you need to connect your smartphone with the power pack charger using a USB cable. But power pack chargers also need to be charged using power adapters. Also some power pack chargers can be charged using 4 AA batteries.

But Better Re is different in the sense that it doesn't utilize any ion lithium battery (like power pack charger) for its operation and that is the major difference. You only need to insert an older battery into the Better Re and it works to charge any USB based device like iphone, ipad, tablets, bluetooth headsets etc. Its a way to reuse the older batteries without creating the electronic waste. But now there are even better ways to charge phones on the go using solar panels. As long as sunlight is there its possible to charge your phone. Here is a solar lantern which can charge any phone on the go. All these unique and unusual products are good enough to gift someone who is using his smartphone a lot in everyday life.

This wireless charger can charge any smartphone or tablet instantly without any delay. This is the fastest charging in the world.
This car power invertor can charge your phone and other electronic devices on the go with the help of your car battery.
This 4 sided pyramid will let images to come out of your smartphone and display as 3d images on its 4 vertical surfaces.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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