A whistling sound comes out when this arrow is released from the bow

Air Storm Z-Curve Bow Bow shooting

The toy I am talking about is Air Storm Z-Curve Bow. Air Storm is the brand of a Hong Kong based innovative company called Zing. The official website of this toy making company is zingtoys.com/. The company sells its products for kids in different brands like Zing Air, Air Storm, Air Huntress, Air Hunterz, Firetek, Zing Blast Off, Stikbot etc. Air Storm Z-curve bow is one of their product lines made from high quality plastic and so its extremely durable. There are 4 things included in the purchasing package > one bow and three reusable arrows. The complete set is well packed in a big box which is almost 60cm in length. This shows that bow is not only durable but also quite big in size and so even adults can try their hands on it to practice some sort of archery which is what the toy is meant for. To check the durability of this product you can watch this particular video where an American boy is having this product in his hand and showing the toughness of this product.

The bow is quite unique and unusual in the sense that its two ends are not simply connected by a single string like in the normal bows. Also you don't hold the bending portion of the bow to fire the arrow but there is an extra handle on this bow (connected through the two bending portions of the bow) which is used to grip the bow from one of your hands (either by left hand or right hand depending upon if you are left-handed or right-handed). There are actually two strings used in this bow to fire the arrows for a longer distance. This bow can almost send the arrow to a distance of 130 feet or 40m which is longest range beating even many Nerf Gun toys. Also the strings are quite thick and highly elastic in nature and can be stretched back for a longer distance. No way the string or bow will break however hard you pull the string to shoot the arrows and that is the best part of this item.

Another interesting fact is the unique whistling sound the two arrows make while these are released from the bow. These two arrows are called the Zonic Whistling Arrows and they also rebound wherever they strike. Just watch this particular youtube video to hear the whistling sound in action. We only talked about two arrows but the third arrow is different from these two. The third arrow has a suction cup attached in front and it stick to any smooth surface wherever it strikes. There is another specific video that shows the arrow with suction cup in action. Just watch this youtube video for that.

But the three arrows provided are quite thick in size from front and light in weight so not meant for precise targeting. But this item is good for kids to play with each other for long distance range as for shorter distance the arrow may still hurt to anyone who get hit by it. For precise targeting there are three more such aiming toys which you can read about in the article 3 best toys to make your child busy with aiming. However if you need something for hunting than the best would be this newly invented toy to replace slingshot.

I also saw this Air Storm Z-Curve Bow on chinese site alibaba.com with much cheaper prices but minimum order quantity is 1500 pieces. But if you import only 1 piece it would be very expensive as shipping cost is very high for a single item. In that case its better to buy online on sites like Amazon.co.uk.

But now there is also a new and improved version of Air Storm Z-Curve Bow. The new version has got ligting in it to shoot at night. All the three arrows and the bow is fitted with one LED light each and this new version is known by the name Air Storm FireTek Z-Curve Bow. This playset also makes whistling sound. Its exactly the same as Air Storm Z-Curve Bow but fitted with LED lights and so this item requires batteries for the lights to work. Here is a nice video review of this product.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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