A printer that prints small augmented reality photos instantly on the go

lifeprint printer

The printer I am talking about is LifePrint. This is an unusual and only one of its kind printer that have whole lot of unique features. Its really a good product to gift someone who travels a lot, and share things using social networking sites. This printer is very small in size with length 5", width 3" and height only 1", and so it can easily fit into the pocket or a small bag. The photo that comes out of the printer is of size 2" by 3" (good for mini passport size photos as well), which is quite small as compared to normal camera photos printed with large printers. The main purpose of this small printer is to print anywhere on the go, as it simply works via bluetooth connection with the Apple iphone (and Samsung galaxy models), and so there is no need of any external wires or USB cables to connect this printer to the Apple iphone. However, you need to charge the printer for it to work, and it utilizes lithium ion based USB rechargeable battery. It won't take more than an hour or so to fully charge the printer.

But, one disadvantage is that this printer is only compatible with Apple iphone 5s and above, and Samsung Galaxy S5 and above, and it cannot be used with your desktop or laptop or any type of camera. Just buy this printer only if you have Apple iphone or Samsung galaxy phone with models as mentioned above. To use the printer, first just capture a real world photo using your phone and save it. Connect or pair your phone with the printer via bluetooth, and than using the free LifePrint app print the photo instantly (with the tap on a button in the app), and just wait 30-40 seconds for it to come out of the printer and you are done. But first LifePrint app must be installed on your phone, as all the features of the printer are executed through the app. The app is free to download from any app store.

But the real fun part is the Augmented Reality photos and videos. Any photo you take from Apple iphone 6S or 6S Plus becomes a live photo by default. So what is a live photo? A live photo is different from normal photos. Apple introduced this live photo technology in their latest iphone models only. The camera in the latest iphone models is built in such a way that not only it captures the photo of a particular moment, but it also records the 1.5 second video and audio before that moment and 1.5 second video and audio after that moment. Just go to photographyconcentrate.com to know more about Apple Live Photos.

Now, once such Apple live photo is being printed through the LifePrint printer, then this printed photo can be used to play those 1.5 seconds (before and after the captured photo) again, using the Augmented Reality viewer, in the LifePrint app in the mobile. Just bring the printed photo near you and through your iphone (with augmented reality viewer on) look at the photo and you will amazingly find that the photo is live. I said it live because the iphone will start playing those 1.5 second audio and video. Just watch this youtube video and you will better know what I am talking about.

Even if you are using GoPro cameras to shoot videos, than the whole video could be played, using the Augmented Reality viewer (in LifePrint app) in the iphone, once you have taken the photo of a moment in the GoPro video you shooted. The process is same as mentioned above for Apple live photos and here is a nice video demonstrating it. Another great feature is that the photos, taken via the iphone, can also be edited in different ways using the photo editor in the LifePrint app before being printed.

This printing device is quite good, but it can only print 10-15 photos on a single charge, which is something frustrating. You need to charge the printer again to do more printing with it. This printer is based on Zink Printing Technology, and so no ink cartridge is required like in other types of printers. Zinc paper does the printing job, and is provided along with the purchasing package and can also be purchased separately once finished. This product is available for purchase on the official website lifeprintphotos.com

There is one more similar printer from another company Prynt which can also print instantly but it does not have Augmented Reality feature. You can watch this youtube video to know more about this product.

This Augmented Reality Book will let kids to to take a selfie with some realistic dinosaurs using app in their smartphone.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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