An iphone case where you can add your own photo on its' back

There are many different types of cases available in the market for Apple iphones. Here we will be talking about an unusual apple iphone case called PopSlate (version 2). This could be a great gift for someone who is using Apple iphone with models like 6, 6+, 6s and 6s+. The Chinese manufacturers are creating different designs on the back of such cases, and selling them all over the world. But you are forced to satisfy yourself with just one design, once you buy one particular iphone case. But in Popslate 2 iphone case, the design at the back can be customized, and infect you can add a new photo or design whenever you want to change the display.

Suppose you took a recent selfie, with your girl friend, or boy friend, using your iphone, and you want to display this photo at the back of your iphone, than this is absolutely possible to do through PopSlate 2. Back of your iphone, and back of your iphone case, is just the one and same thing, as your iphone is wearing the case. The back portion of this iphone case actually utilizes a technology called E-ink (electronic ink). You might have already seen this E-ink technology, if you have used or using Amazon kindle. In a way you are putting the back portion of your iphone to work by using this technology.

Almost 5 inch screen at the back of this case utilizes E-ink technology, and this screen could be used to display different things, and not just images or photos. The thickness of this case is just 0.16 inches, and thus it does not make your phone bulky like other battery cases. Most important thing is that PopSlate is also a battery case, with just 0.16 inches thickness, which makes it light weight and that is what makes it unique. If you do not know anything about a battery case, you can watch this video giving review on a popular Apple battery case. But this Apple battery case does not utilize e-ink technology for display at the back of the case.

Actually there is an app associated with PopSlate 2 iphone case. Its quite unusual that now even an iphone case is being controlled through an app, but this is only due to the fact, there is an shatterproof E-ink display on the back of this case, which is actually being controlled by the app. This app can be downloaded free from any app store. Once fully downloaded, this app can be used to display different pictures and even recently taken photos at the back of your iphone. This is not just all, but a whole lot of other things can also be displayed on the back screen of your iphone using the app.

The back screen actually acts like a smartwatch but with a bigger screen, and since this is a battery case, your iphone can run much longer time (usually more than 24 hrs) without the need for another charging, as the e-ink screen of the case only utilizes battery when there is some motion on the screen, and so the extra charging of the case is being utilized in running the iphone itself. Both the iphone and the case can be charged with a single USB cable.

Other things that can be displayed on the back of PopSlate 2 case are like e-reader, real time smart alerts, easy access wallet, designer clock faces, auto updating newsfeed, living canvas and much more. Please visit the to know more. So there is whole lot of fun and usability for this case and here is the official promotion video for this awesome product.

This small device will alert you if you are forgetting your smartphone somewhere.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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