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leap motion controller
People were getting excited when Microsoft first introduced screen touch facility while using their windows operating system on desktops and laptops. Still, a whole lot of people around the world have to experience this yet. But it seems like new technology is evolving so fast that now even the screen touch facility seems to be getting outdated by the launch of a new product called Leap Motion Controller. In short we will call it as LMC in this article. Its a tiny device which is only 3 inches long. Using this device one can control the various actions on the computer screen through simple gestures. A gesture is a simple instruction by your one hand or two hands together or just through combination of different fingers or a single finger.

For example, suppose you are playing a game on your computer and there is a character, like Mario, in the game (the game should however be LMC enabled for LMC to work with it). It may be that at a particular point of time in the game you want the character to jump. If LMC (Leap Motion Controller) is attached with your computer than by simply lifting your finger up in air (a gesture) the character in the game would jump and so there is no need to use either keyboard or screen touch. Different gestures would do different things on the character. This is what the most unusual thing is while using this technology as it completely eliminates the use of keyword, mouse and screen touch. LMC is built in such a way that it completely understands the senses of your hands. Just you need to keep your hands near this device for it to work. Here is a nice video to see the product in action.

But right now it is not possible to use LMC for every application on a computer. This may be possible when companies like Microsoft merge this technology into their forthcoming windows operating system version as windows is the most common OS used in the world. For example, if you want to use your gesture (move finger up or down in air) to scroll the screen up or down in latest versions of Microsoft office or Excel or Power Presentation than it will not be possible to do it using LMC. This is because right now LMC can only be used with many free and paid apps found on leap motion app store. These apps are actually specifically built to work with LMC. Simply any app cannot be run through gestures even if LMC is attached with your desktop or laptop. This is the main disadvantage of this product. Right now just one can use this device as a toy thing only for fun and entertainment. LMC will become a reality only when one can do everything on the computer through gestures. But this product is good enough to gift someone who play lots of games over the computer and also play with virtual headset.

To experience this gesture technology one need to first buy this LMC device. Its available for purchase on many online websites including Amazon. Once you have bought, attach it to your computer using the USB cable provided along with the purchasing package (instruction manual provided for easy installation). Than just go to and download the LMC setup and install it on your computer. After installation is complete double click the LMC icon that appears on your desktop and start exploring different apps (in Airspace) that can be controlled using gestures.

There is even more fun if you can use this LMC device along with a virtual reality headset. If you do not know about VR Headsets first read this article > A headset that takes you to the other realm (virtual world). The company has developed a VR Developer Mount which can be attached and integrated with most VR Headsets like Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive etc. This will make it possible to even use your gestures into the virtual world seen through VR headset. This addon will simply create more fun to interact with the things in the virtual world in a more meaningful way using your gestures. On this page on company website you can find three videos showing how to attach LMC device on three different headsets as mentioned above using VR Developer Mount. You would also like to know about Four robotic toys that can be controlled by hand gestures

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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