This magnetic ball will slow down in air when passed through a copper tube

magnetic flux toy

This is a very interesting toy (named Feel Flux. Official website > based on some scientific theory called Lenz's law. There are two major parts in this unusual scientific toy. One is the very strong magnetic ball, and other is a small and thick walled hollow tube made from copper, or aluminium, which is covered with fine leather for a good grip of the product. Remember, the ball is of very high magnetic power, and as you know any powerful magnet creates a strong magnetic field around it. The fun is all about releasing the magnetic ball, from a small height above the hollow tube, and make it pass through the hollow tube. The most magical thing to notice is, the speed of the fall of the magnetic ball will extremely reduce, while passing through (from inside) the hollow tube, and it will look as if the ball is moving in a slow motion inside the hollow tube. Here is a nice video of the product showing this.

Instead of a magnetic ball, just make it to pass any ordinary iron or steel ball (not magnetic), through the tube, and you won't see such slow motion magic. As the magnetic ball (we are not talking about ordinary ball now) comes out of the hollow tube from below (after showing slow motion inside hollow tube when released from top), it speeds up again due to gravity. What now you can do, is to put another copper or aluminium made hollow tube just below the magnetic ball, as it comes out of the first tube, and let it again pass through the 2nd tube. You will notice, again the ball will start moving, or traveling, in a slow motion in the 2nd tube as well, and this is how it is meant to play with. Though there are other ways too to play tricks with this toy.

Since the ball is a strong magnet, it creates a strong magnetic flux inside the tube, while passing through it. And since the ball is moving (not at rest), the magnetic field created by it, inside the tube, is also changing and according to Faraday's law of induction (in physics) a changing magnetic field induces a current, and these currents now start flowing from inner surface of the hollow tube, as the hollow tube is made from copper or aluminimum, which are both good conductor of electricity. Copper is a more stronger conductor than aluminium. These currents flowing are called eddy currents. Due to these round and round eddy currents, one another magnetic field or magnetic flux is created (according to Lenz's law in physics), which exactly opposes the magnetic flux created at the first instance, and thus making the ball to slow down inside the hollow tube. This happens, because the original magnetic field of the ball is now being repelled, by this opposing magnetic field generated via eddy currents. But still, the force of gravity is strong enough to make the ball completely pass through the hollow tube, but in a slow motion. This toy is a great fun and could be a great gift for someone special.

Flux original is the toy, where the hollow tube is made from pure copper, while in Skill Flux the hollow tube is made from aluminium. However, the magnetic ball is same in both the toys. You can buy any one or both the toys. If you want to make the ball to pass little bit quickly from the tube, buy the aluminium one, skill flux, (as aluminium is less conductive and will produce less opposing magnetic field). If you want to enjoy extreme slow motion, buy the Flux original made from copper. Both are available for purchase on Amazon. Please also check about the safety of this product on official website, or on amazon, as the powerful magnetic ball should be kept away from conductors of electricity like your mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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