Kids can play with this sand which does not dissolve in water

magic sand
Magic sand (also called mystic sand) is an unusual kind of sand not often seen in the real world. However, its available for purchase on sites like The sand comes in bottle packaging and 200gm is the amount of sand stored in it. Just take a full spoon of this sand, and pour it in a glass full of water. The particles of this mystic sand will not dissolve in water, but instead they will stick to each other and thus helping to create different shapes or structures inside the water. Just imagine, adding some salt or sugar into a glass of water and stir, and you will find both sugar and salt to dissolve completely inside the water. But, this is not the case with the magic sand, as the particles of magic sand are repellent to water, and so the particles of this sand stay together, as a separate phase, inside the water, and thus helping to create different structures or shapes or figures in water, using different sculpting tools or hands. Actually this sand has hydrophobic coating which is a nanoscopic surface layer that repels water.

Another magical thing about this sand, is that, it dries out completely once taken out of the water. If you will put some ordinary sand (available free on earth) in a glass of water, and then take that sand out of the water, you will find it to be wet but this doesn not happen with this mystic sand. You will find the mystic sand to be completely dry, the moment you take it out from the water. Here is a nice youtube video showing this in action. It really looks unusual, and that is the reason this mystic sand is now being used in some of the toys for kids to play with, as its really fun to take the sand in and out of the water and still finding it dry. Just dip any cloth in water and it will become wet when taken out, but again this is not the case with mystic sand.

Better way to experience this water repellent property of mystic sand is to buy a toy playset called Tobar Magic Sand. This playset comes with a plastic made water tub, and magic sand in 4 different colors, some sea creatures, sculpting tools, and a funnel. All these products are made of good quality plastic. Just you need to pour the sands (which are in different colors) at different locations of the tub, and then use the different tools to create different figures, structures and shapes as per your imagination. All these will be automatically in three dimensional (3d) as you are not drawing anything on a flat surface in water.

One can also create the scene of a sea with creatures inside the water. Any matured child will be able to do this, and it could be a great gift for him/her. But one thing need to be cared of, is, not to mix all colored sands inside the water because once taken out of the water you will find those sands in mixed state in dry form, and that will make it difficult to separate them. Even if the sands are mixed inside the water, just separate them inside water, and then take out from the water individually. If you cannot use the sand in this playset properly you may find this product as useless. Another unusual sand used in toys for the kids to play with, is the kinetic sand which is also an interesting stuff.

There is also a pen called stereoscopic printing pen which helps to draw pictures in 3d in air instead of water.

Please note: Magic Sand is a trademark of the Wham-O Mfg. Co., San Gabriel, CA 91778

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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