This sand never stick to hands and so kids can play without getting dirty

Motion Sand Castle Bucket Playset
Kinetic sand is a kind of sand, which looks and feel, as if, this is a sand from some other planet, because usually you cannot see, and get such unique sand anywhere on earth in day to day life for free, unless you have bought it or created on your own. Just take this kinetic sand into both of your hands, and you can mould it in any shape, using both of your hands as it is flexible, soft, squeezable and light weight. Moulding into different shapes and figures can be done, even when the kinetic sand is in its original form (the form when you bought it), while usually you cannot mould the usual sand (not kinetic and found free on earth) in any shape in its original form.

You need to add water to a usual sand to be able to mould it in any kind of shape, and such a sand even stick to your hands. On the other hand, the kinetic sand is so smooth and silky that it never stick to your hands, and it never dries up like the usual sand. That is the reason children don't get dirty while playing with this sand. It can be stored in any closed container and can be used again and again. That is the major reason that the kinetic sand is used in some of the toy playsets to create different shapes by kids.

This sand really gives unusual look and feel. Here is a nice youtube video showing this product in action, where kids are creating different shapes out of it, using different plastic containers, which are also in different shapes. Also, this sand is available in different colors. But once you have created any shape or figure out of this sand, just press the shape or figure slightly with your fingers, and the figure will very easily collapse. Once collapsed, it can be reused to create any other shape, or figure, and that is the real fun for the kids or anyone else.

Normal sand will dry up after some figure being created out of it (after adding water to it), and it will not collapse easily, but it will break apart when hit hard on the ground. So there are lot of differences when we compare normal sand and kinetic sand. I would say kinetic sand is the best toy product for the kids to play with and a great gift for them.

Here is one best playset available on Amazon based on kinetic sand, and it also has best ratings from customers who already bought. This playset includes 800gm of kinetic sand, 5 large and 5 small castle moulds, all packed in a portable carry bucket made from plastic. All these plastic castle moulds can be used by kids to create different shapes using the kinetic sand, and thus developing their motor skills. But if you need your child to build educational shapes (like numbers and letters) from the Kinetic sand then go with this Motion Sand Learning Bucket Playset. Both these items are perfect gift ideas for kids who are creative.

Kinetic sand is made by the mixture of ultrafine sand (98%) and dimethicone (2%). Both the ultrafine sand and dimethicone are harmless, and so there are no side-effects for using this product. So its a man made product and not naturally obtained from the nature. Dimethicone can be bought from some cosmetics supply company, as they use this a lot, while ultrafine sand can be easily obtained from a garden center. If you want to know the procedure to make kinetic sand on your own you can visit It can even be used in schools for educational purpose in arts and crafts or science classes. There is also magic sand through which kids can draw in 3d in water. Also one can draw in 3d in air using stereoscopic printing pen.

Kinetic Sand picture

kinetic sand

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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