This speaker can stay in mid air without being attracted towards earth

I saw a video where a Buddhist monk from Nepal just hold himself up in mid air for a minute or so without falling on ground (something against gravitational pull). This is called levitation. He did that by his mediation powers. You can also watch that video here. Now this process of levitation can also be done with certain bluetooth devices like a speaker. The product I am talking about is ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker. The Buddhist monk levitated himself for just a minute or so but this three dimensional spherical shaped speaker can be held in air, without any support from below, for hours by totally ignoring laws of gravity. This is something unusual and unbelievable for most of the people on this earth but science has now made it possible. That is the reason the product is in demand and selling like crazy on different online websites. Watch this youtube video to see the product in action or keep reading this article to know more.

There are two major parts in this product. One is the Orb levitating speaker and other is the base cum charging dock which is magnetic in nature. The orb speaker is made to held itself in mid air just 10mm above the charging dock at the central portion of the base cum charging dock. The diameter of the magnetic base (charging dock) is 150mm and height is 25mm. There are two switches on the spherical surface of the speaker orb. One switch is for the power and is used to turn ON the speaker itself while the other switch is to turn ON the bluetooth mode of this bluetooth speaker. To start operating this speaker you need to first connect it with your smart phone.

To connect it with your smartphone first simply press and hold the power switch for 5 seconds to turn ON the speaker orb and then press and hold bluetooth switch for 5 seconds to turn ON the bluetooth mode in the speaker orb. In your smartphone or tablet search for bluetooth device named ICEOrb as this is the name of the orb speaker and then you need to pair with this name and you are done with the connection. However if your smartphone have NFC function then you need to bring your smartphone very close to the top corner of the orb speaker and that will also help to immediately establish the connection. Once connected any music you will play on your smartphone or tablet will come through the speaker. This is how the orb speaker is operated. Now let us see how the speaker can be levitated or floated in air.

In order to float the speaker 10mm above the base cum charging dock first thing you need to make sure is to put the base dock on a flat and smooth surface else the floating may not work. You will be provided with a power adapter along with the purchasing package. There is a power port provided on the base dock. You need to connect the base dock with the mains (source of power supply) using this power port and the power adapter. This will make the 4 lights on the base dock to glow giving indication that base dock is ready to be operated. In this whole process make sure the speaker is ON and connected with your smartphone as mentioned earlier.

Now hold the speaker with your both hands with good grip and try to bring the lowest tip point of the speaker towards the exact center portion of the dock base. We need to search for levitating point, at the center of the base dock, which is indicated by four lights on the dock base. At the levitating point all the 4 lights will stop blinking. Otherwise the lights will blink as you bring speaker nearer to center portion of the dock base. Try to bring the lowest tip point of the speaker near the center of the base and when you feel a force is able to hold the speaker and 4 lights stopped blinking than simply release the orb speaker and it will float without getting pushed towards the surface of the base dock by magnetic forces. If you fail, it will make the speaker to hit the base with a force due to magnetic effects on both speaker and the base which is not good. In the floating state you can even rotate the speaker with your hands and it will rotate without failing. To know more read the instructions given by company itself on their instructional manual or visit Amazon.

The above mentioned product could be a great gift for someone as its kind of a show piece and also play music, but it is on the expensive side. If you need something cheaper with the same levitating concept than you can go for several other products as below. Also you can make your own levitating product at home by following this video.

Zuwit 8-inch Magnetic Levitating Floating Globe : This is a similar product but its not a speaker but its a globe with world map printed on it and there are LED lights fitted into it for its glow. It can also be levitated on a base and one can also rotate the globe once levitated. his could also be a good gift for someone. More such products can be found once you go on Amazon website using the above link as Amazon does shows similar products.

Below is the picture of floating globe
levitating globe

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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