Fill 100 balloons with water in a single go with Bunch O Balloons

bunch a balloon
In some countries kids love to play with water filled balloons in social gatherings. In countries like India there is so much fun for the kids at the time of a festival called Holi when they play with colors and throw water filled balloons on each other and on every other person passing by their home. Its a tradition and people enjoy a lot instead of complaining. But its annoying and hard for children to fill every piece of balloon with water and then there is hustle-bustle of tying it as well. Usually the parents are forced to tie them up for the children. But now a product has been discovered and launched with the help of which minimum 100 balloons can be filled with water in just a minute or so. The name of this product is Bunch O Balloons (official website and its available for purchase on sites like Amazon. Also there is no need to tie the balloons as they are already tied up in the purchasing package.

You may wonder how the balloons are already tied up even without filling them with water. Actually there are thin plastic hollow tubes (looks similar to a drinking stray) and each such tube is inserted in every balloon in the package and the balloon is then tied up with the tube using a little black ring or very small rubber band. There are 37 such tubes (numbers still may vary in different packages) tied up with balloons in a single bundle and there are total 3 bundles in each purchasing package. This will make a total of 111 balloon while the advertisement says only 100 balloons. Actually 11 balloons with tubes are extras as some of them might not work. So they give you more than what you anticipate. All the 37 tubes (along with balloons attached) are compiled together using a circular ring at the end portion of the bundle. The circular plastic ring is then made to attach to a garden hose (hose is not provided along with the purchasing package) to supply water to all the tubes simultaneously. There is also a plastic made fixing tool called quick connect adapter (Hose Pipe adaptor 3/4" BSP MALE) provided to better attach the circular plastic ring to the garden hose or the tap water.

Once the water is being filled into the balloons with the hose, all the balloons simultaneously start getting bigger and bigger as they are being filled with water. You can make use of a tub filled with half water and the balloons must be filled on the surface of the tub water. Once they are bigger enough to meet your requirements simply jerk them from the attachment of the hose and as a result of it all the filled balloons will automatically get knotted with the small black rubber bands and fall into the tub safely without getting burst. Then just pick up the balloons from the tub and start enjoying them. Here is a nice video review of this awesome product.

If the above mentioned 100 automated balloon filling toy does not work for you than there is one more such cool product called as Tie-Not Water Balloon Filling Set . This toy set is again a type of balloon knotting device provided with 50 balloons in the purchasing package. Here all the 50 balloons will not get filled up with water simultaneously. The device is only meant to fill one balloon with water at a time but knotting (tie up) is automated in this toy device and that is the best thing about it. You will need to attach a garden hose (with the help of a Hose Pipe adaptor 3/4" BSP MALE) to this device to fill the balloon. Here is a nice video review to know how this product works.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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