Charge phone with a solar lantern on the go if there is sunlight

Suaoki Solar Powered Lantern
Suaoki Solar Powered Lantern

Sometimes you run out of charge, for your mobile phone, due to traveling, or when you are at a remote place without any source to recharge your phone through the power of electricity. But now, there is a way to recharge your phone on the go with the help of a solar powered lantern. There is a USB port facilitated on the lantern, and you simply need to plug your phone (through a micro USB cable provided along with the lantern) to recharge your phone.

Since there is a small solar panel built on the cap of the lantern, this would help the lantern to get charged automatically when exposed to sun. This is what the job of a solar panel is. The solar panel (with the help of sunlight) simply charges the lantern (the lantern has 900mAh battery fitted into it), and lantern in turn charges the mobile phone through the USB cable. Not only mobile phone, but many other USB based digital products can also be charged in emergency using this solar lantern. But downside is that things will not work when there is no sunlight during cloudy days or at night.

There are several other features that also need to be talked about for this solar lantern. Here is a nice video review of this product as well. When you initially buy this product it is in small size, as being in collapsed mode. This product is produced by Suaoki, an environmentally conscious company. You will get a very small package with inserted lantern into it in collapsed mode. Since, I am saying it is in collapsed mode, it simply means it can also be stretched to form an actual lantern with bigger size. In collapsed mode it can be used as a flash light, and since it also has a handle on the top to grip it, it perfectly works as a flash light in collapsed form. We call a light as a flash light when we can point the light source to some particular point (at a distant), which we want to lighten for the view in the dark.

The handle can be used to point to different directions, and that is the way it is used as a flashlight. While this is not possible in lantern light, where the lantern light illuminates only the surrounding area of its location. This product can be converted to lantern light when its unfolded from folded state and this can be easily done by your hands. Once unfolded (stretched), it acts like a lantern which can be used to go for toilet at night, or for any other purpose to get rid of darkness in a particular area only. Lampshade can be collapsed again to make the lantern in folded state to carry it in your pocket.

The flash light, and the lantern light, both can be made for higher brightness and lower brightness with the click of a button provided on the product. At low brightness the product can work for 24 hrs while at high brightness it can work for 8 hrs approximately.There is an inbuilt battery in this product of 900mAh power, and this battery can be charged both by the solar panel as well as any other USB power source, like your laptop, but cannot be charged through a power adapter. So if your laptop or mobile is not charged you can charge it with the help of this eco-friendly lantern and vice versa. But one of these need to have charge to charge the other.

It is a LED based light coming out from this product and the source of its power could also be the sun (due to presence of solar panel) and so I called it as an eco-friendly product. Other than low brightness and high brightness, there is also an SOS emergency signal which can be used to point to an emergency situation at night during camping or hiking or fishing which this product is meant for. During SOS emergency signal the light blinks indicating for immediate help.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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