Gift ideas based on unusual bowls and mugs

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1) Superman Bowl

Superman Bowl
This is a good product for a fan of Superman. This is a high quality long lasting bowl with carved photo of flying superman on one side and the logo of superman on the other side. Kids can use them daily for carrying roasted grains and any other type of food to eat or drink during breakfast. Its sky blue color looks very attractive. Its width is 14cm and its height is 8cm. Its also dishwasher safe.

2) Star Wars Cereal Bowl

Star Wars Cereal Bowl
This bowl is meant for you if you are a great fan of Star Wars. Its a ceramic bowl in black and white color combination. Its basically meant for cereals but things like Maggie noodles and soup can also be served to kids using it. Star War logo is embossed on one side while on the other side it is embossed with the face of Darth Vader, a fictional character in the Star Wars Universe. Its whole body is however black in color. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe. If you are a Star Wars fan than one other great product meant for you could be BB-8 droid which appeared as a character in Star Wars movie named The Force Awakens. BB-8 is a robotic product run through a mobile app and it is must for any Star Wars fan.

3) The Mug with a hoop

Basketball hoop bowl
This is again a ceramic bowl which is bigger in size than the two bowls mentioned above and the best thing about this bowl is that the kids can play basketball using this bowl in free time. A basketball hoop is built near the handle of the bowl and small eatables like marshmallows can be used to score baskets (goals) while throwing and making them pass through the hoop. I would say this is better than 2 bowls mentioned above in terms of quality, size, durability, safety and fun. Kids can have great fun while playing with their food in this bowl. But it will cost more.

4) Walls Classic Lollies Stoneware Bowl

 Walls Classic Lollies Stoneware Bowl
This is a heavier than all three bowls mentioned above and it is best meant if you want to serve ice-cream in a party. I said this because lot of pictures of different types of Walls brand ice creams are carved on the outer surface of the bowl and that looks very attractive. Its a dessert bowl based on the theme of ice-cream so go for it if you want to serve ice-cream to guests or family members. Walls Classics is also an ice-cream brand and so this product is officially licensed by them and their logo is also printed in the inner surface of the bowl (not visible in this particular picture).

5) Flaming Volcano Bowl

Flaming Volcano Bowl
This is a large ceramic cocktail bowl based on Hawaiian theme. Its a hand-crafted piece with an erupting volcano at the center of the bowl inside. It looks more beautiful than all 4 bowls mentioned above. It is also bigger than all the above mentioned bowls. But it looks more kind of a decorative piece than a bowl but it can be used as a bowl to pour some liquid in it and then suck that liquid with the two straws provided along with the bowl. But its not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned with hands only.

6) Batman Cereal Bowl

Batman Cereal Bowl
This is another great quality ceramic bowl based on the theme of Batman. There is sleek and glossy shine on the bowl which makes it very attractive along with the eye-catching design. Both Batman and the logo are printed on the outer surface of the cup. Its long lasting and kids should love it who are big fans of Batman.

7) Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Camera Lens Coffee Mug
This is not exactly a bowl but a coffee mug in the theme of camera lens. By picture it will not look like a coffee mug but it is actually a coffee mug which is designed in such a way that it looks something different than what it is in reality. This is what confuse people and that is the reason you must buy it to amuse people. Its not that some piece of camera being cut and made coffee mug but its being designed in the way a camera looks. This is a good product for photographers as its based on their theme. The cap of the mug can be used to hold eatables while the mug itself can be used for the tea or coffee or any other drink.

8) IGGI Jumbo Toilet Mug

Toilet Mug
This is a mug which is in the shape of a toilet and and its capacity is 336ml. Its quite unusual and you may feel it funny to drink any liquid in it. But it is what it is and buy it if you want to create fun all around you. I give it a thumps up to the designer.Its hand painted.

9) Music mug with guitar shaped handle

music mug with guitar handle
This ceramic mug is based on the theme of music and a great gift idea for someone who is a guitarist. Just click on the image and you can also find more mugs with different musical instruments as handles.

10) Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl
This bowl will sing once it is rubbed along it's rim by using a wooden tool and water inside it can be vibrated or charged for healing purposes by rubbing along it's rim again through the wooden tool provided. Its good for people who meditate.

11) Mighty Mug Go

Non tumbling mug
This mug is unusual in the sense that even if you accidently jerk it (like when the kids often do this by mistake) it won't fall and stay upright. Just slap it from any side and still it will not tumble and the liquid in it will not spill over.

12) The start mug

Color Changing Mug
This mug is unusual in the sense that its design on outer surface completely changes once some hot liquid is poured into the mug. There are two designs in the mug in the picture. One is before hot liquid poured and one after hot liquid poured. In a way its a color changing mug and a great gift idea for someone interested in astronomy.

13) The magical unicorn mug

Unicorn Mug
This is a 3d mug with the tail of the horse as its handle and it represents a horse and it can be rotated on its axis and so it disperses your coffee's natural essense. This is a marvellous piece of art which you will not find anywhere else. Here is a nice video review of this product.

14) Yecup 365 mug

Yecup mug
This mug is unique in the sense that the temperature of the liquid inside it can be set by using an app in your smartphone. Once the liquid will reach to that set temperature you will receive a notification in your smartphone. This way you can make any beverage hot or cold at your desired temperature at any place you want.

Please click on each image of the product to know more about that product

15) This coffee mug automates the process of stirring the liquid in it.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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