Crazy gift idea for a basketball fan

basketball hoop tea cup
1) There is a wonderful product to gift to a child who is fond of the game of basketball. This product is a ceramic made tea cup with a basketball hoop build near the handle of the cup. The cup is quite big and not small in size. Its creatively designed and looks very beautiful. Small eatables like marshmallows are good enough to throw and make them pass through the hole of the hoop to score for the game. An avid tea drinker can enjoy the game of basketball through this basketball tea cup. Also two children can aim (with any type of sizable eatable) on each others hoop to make a goal (called basket in the game of basketball) while they are having their tea or milk or any other shake as a drink for their breakfast or lunch or dinner. Its a great time pass for kids while playing with their food during free time.

The product is hand-painted and handcrafted in Bangkok, Thailand and from there it is shipped worldwide to the distributors.According to the official website, over 18,000 pieces of this high quality mug (tea cup) were sold during Christmas holidays in the year 2014 and this number is now going higher every year. Most of the retailers selling this mug were forced to reorder from the manufacturer due to overwhelming response and demand. Many companies and basketball teams are even buying this mug to put logo of their company or organization on it. Its more like a bowl than a tea cup but looks great in design and professionalism.

This idea of bringing a basketball hoop in a tea cup came to a child, named Max Ash (now a Kid Entrepreneur), when he was 8 years of age and working in an art class. Later he took the help of a CAD design expert to make the three dimensional prototype of this product. The prototype was finally finalized and its production began on large scale in Thailand. Max Ash is suffering from dyslexia, a language based learning disability. So he decided to donate the 5% income coming from the sale of this product to charities and organizations supporting the kids suffering in life due to dyslexia or other learning disabilities. So there is an amazing story as well behind the creation of this basketball mug. Max Ash is now the young Founder and Chief Creator of MAXIS Creations, Inc. This company is now engaged in other types of designer ceramic products as well other than this bowl.

Here is a nice video uploaded on youtube about Max Ash and his discovered product. This toy product is available for purchase on as well along with many physical retail stores.

2) If you are a basketball fan there is another great and similar product, to add to the list, like the one mentioned above. It is better known as Paladone AR Basketball App Mug. This is also a mug with a handle but its not perfectly round in shape but its flat on one side with a QR code printed on it. This QR code is a type of barcode (consisting of an array of black and white squares) which can only be read by a smartphone. The stored information in such a code is hidden for a human being in general but all the information is decoded when viewed through a camera in a smartphone using the app specifically made for it.

There is an app, ARBasketball, specifically made for this mug and it can be downloaded free from any of the app stores. Once you have downloaded the app, just start it and focus the phone camera over the code on the mug. This will make a basketball hoop to appear on the mug. Now make use of the on-screen swipe bar in the app to throw ball in the basketball hoop and score points. This is what the game is all about. This mug or cup can also be used for storing liquid but not suitable for dishwasher and microwave use.

basketball cup app game

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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