The battery in this mouse can last for 1-3 months with a single charge

Recon Foldable Wireless Mouse
There is a computer mouse, Recon Foldable Wireless Mouse, and it is has been designed and developed by Visenta, a UK based company. You might have used a bluetooth based wireless computer mouse running on AA batteries. You run out of battery, within few days only, with such a mouse. Its time now to switch to another wireless bluetooth technology based mouse, that is inbuilt with 400 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Just charge this mouse using a USB cable once (it has micro USB charging port), and one single charge can last for 1-3 months depending upon your usage. However, it will take around 2 hrs, or so, to fully charge the mouse once. The USB cable is provided along with the purchase. The size of this mouse is only 9mm, and so its easy to carry it in your pocket, or even in a bag while traveling. It is also quite stylist and foldable as well. Here is a nice review video of this product.

To start using the mouse, you simply need to fold the mouse 180 degree in below direction at its back portion, and clip it with the system provided for attaching on the below surface. When the mouse is in OFF mode its flat in shape, and it becomes ON when you fold it. In other words, the mouse gets automatically connected to your laptop, or computer, when its folded by your hands, and a flashing light will indicate that. This happens via bluetooth technology and the version of bluetooth used in the mouse is 4.0. Since bluetooth 4.0 connects to all devices which are based on earlier versions like bluetooth 3.0 and 2.0, its easy to connect without any problem. But make sure the bluetooth on your computer or laptop is in ON mode, else you will not be able to connect your mouse with the computer. While using this mouse first time on your computer, it may ask for a code to establish the bluetooth connection and you must enter 0000 and you are done. This instruction for entering 4 zero code is given in the user manual provided along with the purchase of this product.

Its very smooth mouse with glassy surface and easy to move around on any flat surface. Its built in a very professional way. The left and right clicks on the mouse works the same way, as the other usual mouses, but the scroll base (between the left and right click buttons) is controlled by touch screen scrolling, and you simply need to move the finger up and down over the scroll base, for the website pages to scroll up and down over the computer screen. Remember, this will be a touch screen scrolling and there will be no any raised rounded button to roll over with the finger to initiate scrolling, and that is major difference when compared with other mouses. Personally, I hate screen touch scrolling but you need to get used to it if you want to buy this product.

This mouse is also suitable for gaming purpose, as DPI (Dots per inch) resolution can be adjusted to four different levels(800/1200/1600/2400dpi), for this Recon Mouse, by simply holding the left and right click buttons together for 3 seconds. If you do not know what DPI is, then to let you know its simply the measurement of the sensitivity of the cursor of the mouse when the mouse is moved. Here is a good article to understand why DPI is important for gaming.

The mouse is compatible with almost all the new and old operating systems and so nothing to worry about. Just buy and enjoy it.

This mouse is in the shape of car which looks unusual and a good product to trick people arriving at home. Hardly anyone would know this is a mouse and not a car toy.See picture below.

mouse in the shape of a car

Drag this scanner mouse on any text or picture in a book or magazine and those will come live on computer in real time.

This notebook is associated with an app which can be used to scan the pages in it and then take to any computer device.

This USB fan shows a clock display on the area of it's two rotating blades once switched on.

This wearable strap let you type on your smartphone or tablet by simply tapping your fingers on any surface.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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