Use this new tool to aim and hit targets perfectly

The Pocketshot
A new invention has created a slingshot kind of product better known as The Pocket Shot, made by Pocket Shot LLC. Its different, in the sense, that it is circular in shape from front, and its much more powerful to shoot at an average speed of 350 feet per second, which is 2-3 times more speed than a usual slingshot. The front circular part is attached by an aluminum pouch, made from highest quality latex. Its so small in size, that it can be stored in your pocket, and the complete toy can be gripped into your hand. The size of pocket shot is only 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches, when in folded state and not in use, but one need to unfold the pouch, while aiming, and then its size becomes 5 inches long. Its size become even longer when the pouch is hold along with the ammo, and then stretched to hit the target.

The circular opening in the front is made from plastic (fiber reinforced composite), and a cap is also provided to close the front end after inserting ammo in it. You need to bring all the ammo out, and keep only one ammo inside the pouch, when looking to aim, and shoot a target point. Just hold the ammo from outside the pouch, and then pull back (stretch) that portion of the pouch which is holding the ammo, and then while aiming, just release the pouch to hit the target. So this is how it works.

The ammo used for the Pocket Shot should be in the size ranging 1/4 inch to 5/16 inch, and could be of materials like marbles, steel balls, paintballs or anything else suitable. This product is also good for hunting, in the sense, that the manufacturer also provide arrow caps which allows you to shoot arrows. These arrows are powerful enough to harm wild animals while you are hunting. But its actually a nice pocket weapon to protect yourself from unknown dangers. But make sure you are getting the arrow caps, along with the purchase, as not all purchases come with arrow caps.

Here are some nice videos to learn more about this toy product. However, we cannot call this product as a toy, but its a powerful weapon which could be dangerous if used on human being, or anyone else, whom you do not want to harm.

This video is meant for people who are just the beginners and want to learn how to shoot.

This video will tell you how far you can shoot and accuracy of the product

This video will show how powerful the shot is and that is being shown by aiming at an old and unwanted laptop. The laptop just broke.

The pocket shot is available for sale on Amazon

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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