Enter into dream world using this virtual reality based headset

samsung gear vr headset

There is a headset to exerience the 3d virtual world. This headset is actually worn on your eyes, and once you start looking into it, you enter into the three dimensional virtual world. In this virtual world or virtual environment, you find your existence in a non-physical unreal world, created from various three dimensional images, motions, games, movies, and other stimulating effects. This concept is better known as virtual reality, and the various headsets used to enter into such virtual world are called as virtual reality headsets. The person looking inside this VR headset actually experiences immersion, which in other words mean the feeling of being inside and a part of that esoteric world.

The person will forget his actual physical body, lying somewhere on earth, at the time of watching through the headset. However, his mind will be aware, that he is temporarily into the virtual world, and he can switch back to the real world by removing the headset from the eye. But sometimes, the extent of feeling oneself in the virtual world is so high, that the person may actually suffer and may forget to get back to real world. Such things have already happened, but people are doing this to make fun of other people they know (like friends and relatives), and so they got them out of it after making fun of them. Just watch this video on youtube and you will better know what I am talking about. Just keep watching the video till the end, and you will see how a man's reaction to virtual reality roller coaster prank is going to extreme. That is the reason, you get a warning message while you start using the product. The warning is to the people, who may not be able to withstand virtual reality.

You might have watched 3d movies. In 3d movies things shown on the screen appear to be very close to you, and motions are affecting you in some way. However, in VR headset, things of virtual world are not just near to you, but actually you feel your presence within those things, and you can also interact with those things in a meaningful way (though in an artificial way). You will feel like touching things which you are seeing. If some figure or character is behind you, in the virtual world, you would like to turn yourself behind, to see that figure or character, though you do not need to turn because things even at back, and directions in virtual world are not real. Infect, any other person sitting near you, (in the physical world) may feel crazy, why you are turning. But you are forced to turn, as you become the part of the virtual world and all the motions are affecting you.

If you want to experience the virtual reality than the best beginners headset with less price is Samsung Gear VR Headset (here is official samsung company link for this product) and its worth buying in terms of quality, brand, price and extent of immersion. This headset is, however, only compatible with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones like Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Note5, S6 and S6 edge. Here is a nice video review of this Samsung product. Actually one of these phones need to be inserted into the case, made for it in the Samsung headset, for the headset to show you the virtual world. And there are several apps, meant for the Virtual Reality, and one of these apps need to be installed in the smartphone which you will be using in the headset. Without the app things will not work. App can be downloaded free from any app store, or Samsung official website. Different apps will produce different motions in the headset.

If you do not own any of the Samsung phones, which are mentioned above for compatibility, than you can go for this another VR headset product called Glyby 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset, that can be used with many android phones, and iphones as well. Its also much cheaper than the Samsung one. If you need virtual reality headset for kids, with cheap price, than go with this View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack which is most basic device to experience virtual reality.

This headset will let you know the state of mind of any person.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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