This Intel Stick let you use your television as a computer and play games on big screen

Intel Compute Stick
Sometimes you want to play games on large screens, like that of a 22 to 80 inch televisions. Intel is a USA based technology company and they have developed a product by the name Intel Compute Stick. This stick looks like a pen drive, but its size is bigger than the pen drive. It is small enough to grip in palm of your hand. This compute stick is a mini computer in itself, and can be used to download games through internet, and then play these games on higher resolution television screens. Actually it functions exactly like a computer, with operating system, when it is connected to any HDMI Port based display. Most of the TVs, now a days, do have a HDMI port to connect it to a laptop or DVD or product like Intel Compute Stick (a video showing how to connect through HDMI Port). You simply need to plug the stick at the back of your television in HDMI port, and that will result in a screen like a desktop screen with the operating system on your television screen. Here is a youtube video showing its functions.

A wireless USB mouse and USB keyboard can be used to operate the resulting computer on your television screen. Bluetooth 4.0 is inbuilt in the stick to connect wirelessly with a mouse and a keyboard. When you will purchase the Intel Stick, mouse and keyboard will not be provided, and you need to purchase them separately, or use the existing ones. Wired keyboard or mouse can also be used, as USB 2.0 port is available on the stick but its only one port. So you can purchase a USB powered 4 slot USB Hub separately and that will easily solve your problem. But the latest 2016 version 2 Intel STK1AW32SCR do have 2 USB ports(1 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3-0) with windows 10 (32 bit) and 2GB RAM with Atom x5-Z8300 Quad-core (4 Core) processor with speed 1.44 GHz.

Wi-Fi is also inbuilt in the stick, and thus you can also surf internet and download games and play on TV screen itself. Browsers like chrome and internet explorer are already pre-installed, or you can install them once you start using this mini computer on your television screen. This is a portable device and so its easy to transport while having it in your pocket.

Operating systems like windows 8.1, Ubuntu and windows 10 are already installed on the Intel Compute Stick in different versions of the product. You will find only one OS in each version, and costs will vary accordingly. But using the BIOS, operating system can be upgraded but require more RAM. So its better to buy Intel stick with 2GB RAM (2GM RAM is maximum available in any Intel Compute stick till date). 1 GB RAM sticks are also available and they have either Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu OS installed in them. Windows 10 is only available in 2GM RAM stick which is priced more. Storage space is 32GB in all the versions of the stick which is not much though.

Since Intel is also the manufacturer of microprocessors, the processor used in the stick is also the Intel's own product and is "The quad-core Intel Atom Processor" which is meant for maximum performance with minimum power. There is also available a micro SD card slot in the stick for external storage. Its very thin and light in weight. Here is a nice video showing what everything you will get when you purchase the Intel Stick.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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