This rocket toy goes 200 ft high in air when you kick on its pad

Stomp Rocket 20888 Stomp Rocket Duelling Kit

Stomp Rocket 20888 Stomp Rocket Duelling Kit

This is a rocket launcher toy (manufactured by Stomp Rocket), and the plastic made air powered rockets, provided along with the set, may go upto 200 ft high in air, by just applying your leg's thrust (or jump) on the plastic made launch pads, and this is the only action required. There are no any batteries required for this toy. But you need to assemble the playset before you can start using it. First of all, there is a duelling launch base which is the base of the set. On this base, at the center portion, there are two holes separated by certain distance. Two plastic made shafts (provided with the playset) are fixed into these two holes. The two air powered rockets, in arrow shape, are hollow from inside, and these two rockets are inserted and fitted into the two shafts, before the start of their launch.

There are two more holes on one side of the launch base, and these holes are just under the other two holes, on the top of the launch base. Two plastic air pipes are connected through these two holes on the side, and other ends of these two pipes goes into, two rectangular shaped, launch pads, where the kids will use their leg's thrust to launch the rockets. Its all the air pressure, which works as the basic concept, for this rocket launcher playset. When thrust (sudden kick or jerk) is applied on any of the launch pads, the air inside it passes through the two pipes, and then through the side holes (on the launch base) it passes through the shafts, which in turn put great pressure (thrust) on the arrow shaped rockets, and as a result these rockets are thrown higher in the open sky. This is an outdoor game basically, but small kids can even play at home for shorter launches at low heights.

This is really one of the best rocket launcher playsets, and one of the most popular among kids. Best thing about this playset is, two kids can compete with each other, as there are two plastic made launch pads provided, to kick them simultaneously by each kid. The kid whose rocket will go more higher could be declared as the winner. So, basically, the winner will be the one who has more power in his/her leg, to generate higher thrust, as the upward distance (height) covered by the rocket will entirely depend on the amount of thrust applied. Also, the quality and area of the launch pad used for the thrust may affect height covered.

That is the reason, that there is another Junior set, with the same concept, but that is meant only for a max height of 100 feet, and it serves only one kid at a time, as there is only one launch pad to kick. Its name is Stomp Rocket Junior Glow, and it is basically meant for lower age children. There is also one more, meant for a single kid, where the rocket can go high as much as 400 ft, and its known by the name Original Stomp Rocket. So you need to choose wisely which one you want. The functions are same for all three, and the only difference is the quality and air pressure. It will only matter in terms of the age of the child. Buy the one which fits the age of your child. Trust me, its all the great fun for the kids, and they would simply love it.

Some kids even first come running towards the launch pad from a distance, and than jump over the launch pad for higher thrust. Here is a nice video demonstrating the fun of duelling set with two launch pads.

There are two more similar toys that can go in air. Infect they can be flown in air using an app in your smartphone. One is paper airplane that you can fly much longer in air by using any app in your smartphone, specifically built for this airplane. Other is this bionic bird, which looks like a real bird flying. It can also be flown and controlled by an app specifically developed for it.

This paper airplane takes a half spherical round trip and amazingly come back to you.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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