Fly paper airplane in air for longer using an app in your smartphone

Usually all the paper airplanes, made by kids and elders, fly for only few seconds and then come down to earth due to gravity. But now, with the invention of a new technology, its possible to fly a paper airplane toy even for longer periods (say 10-15 minutes on a single charge). PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone controlled paper airplane conversion kit is now available for purchase on many online websites including amazon. Its working is based on the basic principles of aerodynamics, flight and lift, and it can be run and controlled by an app specifically built for it. App can be downloaded free from the official website or any app store, and then you need to install the app in your android smartphone. Any ordinary phone will not work. It must be a latest smartphone or iphone or ipad or a tablet.

Bluetooth must be enabled, and it should be of latest version (4.0), while using the app to fly the airplane. Just buy this kit (PowerUp 3.0) first and when the package reaches your home, follow the instructions in the manual and you are good to go. First, you need to prepare a basic paper airplane, using the paper airplane templates provided along with the package. There are four different types of paper templates provided, to make 4 different types of paper airplanes. There are paper folding marks, and instructions provided on the template itself, to make the paper airplane first. Also, a simple paper airplane built by you on your own can also work. However, here is a nice video showing the making of the paper airplane in a simple way.

You will find different components in the kit received, and those components need to be assembled, with the paper airplane, to get started with the flight. Most important component is the main bluetooth controlled module (called as smart module), having a long crash proof carbon fibre rod, crash proof canopy, and working electric rudder, and propeller. This smart module has a clip, where the front end of the paper airplane is inserted, and that is the only thing you need to do, to make the airplane ready for the flight. Just watch this cool video and it will give more ideas, otherwise instructions are there in the user manual. A spare propeller, and a spare rudder is also provided along with the kit. The approximate range of the flight is 180 feet or 55m depending on the range of your bluetooth.

Once the airplane is ready with the module, you need to install the app in your phone, and that will help to fly the airplane. Choose the beginners option in the app first, and this much is enough to do, to make a connection between the app and the airplane module. Power ON the button on the module, and a light and sound of propeller, appearing on the module, gives indication that airplane is ready for the flight. Now, just release the airplane from your hand, with a gentle push, at some open space (outdoor) and power the throttle on the app, and here the airplane goes flying in the air. You can tilt your smartphone, to steer, and increase or reduce throttle, to make the airplane go up or down. Please watch this youtube video to know how this is being done.

Open ground, free from obstacles, like trees and buildings, and windless day are the best to fly this airplane, as it works better in controlling. Also you need to charge the airplane smart module, and a USB cable is provided for that. Any USB powered source, like a laptop, can be used to charge the module. The power button on the smart module must be in ON mode to charge the module. It will take around 30min for the charging to complete. Here, smart module is the main body of the airplane as the flight is controlled by it.

This product is actually quite similar to another product which is a bionic bird (see picture below), controlled through an app specifically developed for it. This bionic bird looks more realistic and its even good to trick other real birds flying. The bionic bird is very popular in France, as the developers of it are from France, but it is sold all over the world. The bionic bird is also easier to setup, as it does not require any assembly like this paper airplane drone. It is charged through an egg device. There is one more interesting product which is a rocket toy that goes high in air when you kick its ass.

This paper airplane takes a half spherical round trip and amazingly come back to you.
This paper airplane can be controlled by the movement of your head.

This table tennis trainerbot or robot can be used to throw spinning and smashing shots at your end of the table for you to practice.

PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone controlled paper airplane bionic bird

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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