How to wash your clothes within just 3 to 5 minutes while on trip?

scrubba bag for washing clothes

There is a very easy way to wash your clothes within just 3-5 minutes if you can purchase this Scrubba Bag. You can use this bag as an any ordinary bag but it can also be used as a washing machine to wash your clothes. Best time to use it is in emergencies when you are in the mid of a trip. However, this is not meant for washing clothes in bulk. At a time you can add one or two t-shirts, a trouser, one or two under garments and that will give best results. You can even add more clothes but than it may affect the quality of the wash. Here is a nice youtube video demonstrating the use of this washing bag.

Most interesting thing to note is that this washing bag doesn’t require any batteries and you never need to charge it. In other words, it can wash clothes without the need for DC or AC current. In olden days people used to use a washboard to wash their clothes and the same washboard is now being used as a new technology. In this bag the washboard is inbuilt on the inner surface of the bag and is made from high quality polyether urethane. The outer surface of this bag is made from high quality 40 denier nylon fabric which makes it highly durable and flexible to use.

The procedure to wash the clothes from it is actually very simple. Just put your dirty clothes in the bag and add water to the level as marked or indicated by a line on the outer surface of the bag. You won’t need too much of water and only 1-2 litre is enough for 1 person clothing. After that add any laundry detergent in very small quantity. You can also add a piece of soap but a liquid detergent is good to use for better results. A liquid detergent is easier to dissolve in water. Now fold the bag in the downward direction upto the level as marked on the bag and clip it from the system provided on the bag.

Its important to remove the air from within the bag otherwise it will not be possible to rinse the clothes inside the bag. For that reason an air valve is provided at a particular point on the outer surface of the bag. Once you have added clothes and detergent and folded the bag, just open the air valve and press on the outer surface of the bag to discharge all the air from inside the bag (see picture below). Once all the air from inside the bag is discharged, close the valve again.

squeeze the lanudry bag

Now its time to wash your clothes. To wash the clothes (which are inside the closed bag) what you need to do is to rub the clothes against the inner surface (which acts as the washboard) from outside the bag. If your clothes are not much dirty just doing it for a minute will do the job otherwise do this rubbing for at least 3 minutes and you are done. Now open the bag again and offload the dirty water from it and add fresh water in same quantity as before. Now close the bag again and do the rubbing again with fresh water and you are done with washing your clothes. Take out the clothes from the bag and squeeze them and let them dry somewhere in the sun. You can also make use of microfibre towel to dry your clothes taken out from the bag.

clothes washing bag

This unusual laundry bag is not just meant for washing clothes but it can also be used to carry your belongings as when needed. It can also be used as a school bag as it has two shoulder straps to hang it on your back. The strap can also be adjusted to use it to trail the bag on only one shoulder. There are also buckles in the straps to adjust length and breadth of the straps according to your requirements. This is actually a very professional product for professional people and the quality of the wash is also as good as any other electric based washing machine. To check the quality of this laundry bag you should watch this particular youtube video. This could also save money on laundry while in hotel or any other remote place during the trip. But there are many other useful features which you can by visiting official website

This bag could also be very useful during hiking or camping. Lifestraw could be another useful product during times when you need clean drinking water at some remote place and there is no source for clean water other than different water reservoirs like rivers, ponds etc. Lifestarw is a water filteration device through which you can suck in clean drinking water instantly and directly from any dirty or unclean water source. Know more about this device here. It is really very useful product when you need fresh drinking water in emergencies.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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