Which pocket device can be used as 7 different things alone?

wondercube device

There is a device called WonderCube which is must for every pocket during emergencies or otherwise. This very small cube shaped device is easy to carry and can be helpful to do lot of things as an accessory for smartphones and other computer devices. Here is a list of 7 different things you can do with this single device.

1) Act as an OTG Micro USB cable

A lot of people buy android OTG (On The Go) micro USB cable (see this cable on Amazon) to connect their android smartphone with their laptop or computer to charge the android based smartphone from their laptop or computer. There are many other uses of this OTG USB cable. For example, it can also be used to connect your smartphone with an external keyboard or mouse so that you can type or work on your smartphone with the help of bigger external keyboard or mouse for convenience. You can watch this youtube video to know about 10 different uses of this OTG USB cable. But now since this wondercube device will act as an OTG USB cable you don’t need to purchase it separately and all the 10 uses as mentioned in the video can also be obtained through this cubic device.

wondercube charging phone from laptop

Actually there are two ends on opposite sides of this cubic device which can be opened simultaneously. One end can be fitted to your laptop or computer and other longer extended end is inserted into your your smartphone to charge it from your laptop or computer. Just check out this youtube video to see this function in action in the cubic device.

2) Memory Card Slot

There is also a slot in this cubic device to insert a 64 GB memory card. This memory card will act as an storage space for your smartphone data once your smartphone is connected with the cubic device using the method as mentioned in no.1 above. For example, using your smartphone if you have taken lot of photos and made videos during your vacation holidays than all can be stored into this cubic device and also can be transferred into your computer or laptop or any other USB device using the method as mentioned in no.1 above. So this memory card slot is the 2nd use of this cubic device. Watch the same youtube video as mentioned in no.1 above to see this function in action.

3) Slot for external battery to charge on the go

There is also a slot on the top side of the cube to insert a 9V battery. This specific type of battery can be easily found in any nearby store or can be purchased online. Once you have inserted this battery in it’s slot, it will be very useful to charge your phone on the go during emergencies when you suddenly run out of charge in your smartphone and you also don’t have your laptop with you to charge from it as mentioned in no.1 method above. Charging this way will atleast give 3 hrs of extra talktime.

wondercube battery charge

4) Micro Suction Cups to use as a stand

One side of this cubic device is also equipped with micro-suction cup plate with which it is possible to attach this cubic device from the back of your smartphone. If you will attach this cubic device from the back bottom of your smartphone, this will make the cubic device to act as a stand for your smartphone both in landscape and portrait position or any other desired position with different angles. Watch the same video as mentioned in no.1 method to see this function in action. There are actually many smartphone cases which utilize micro-suction cups technology and people use such cases so that they can stick their phone on any surface. Here is such a case from mega tiny corporation if you want to know more.

wondercube stand for portrait and landscape

5) Use it as a torch light

There is a very small on/off switch button on this cubic device and using this it will be possible to switch torch light ON or OFF from one side of this wonderful device

wondercube torch light

6) Use it for your keys

There is also a keyring attached to this cubic device and so it is also possible to attach your important home keys or car keys with this device and carry wherever you want.

7) Use it to protect your phone from theft

There is an anti-theft device called duet. This device is so small and light in weight that it can be easily fitted into the keyring of the cubic device. Duet is very useful device to receive beep sound in it once your smartphone has gone out of 10m range. It can be connected wirelessly with your smartphone through bluetooth pairing. This device is very useful to protect your phone from theft or even if you are forgetting it somewhere. Click here to know more about this anti-theft device.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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