How to get an alert message when you are forgetting your phone somewhere?

duet mobile tracking device

Best way to get an alert message, if you are forgetting your phone somewhere, is to use a very small bluetooth device called duet. This device is of size similar to the size of your thumb with dimensions 2.8 cm * 2.8 cm. This device is square in shape but with rounded corners. This device is so light in weight that it can easily be fitted into some locket which is worn round a person’s neck. It comes up with a key ring that is attached to it. Using it’s keyring it can also be fitted into a thick thread and that thread can be worn on your waist. This will ensure that the device remain somehow attached to your body and you never loose it. Also you can simply keep it in your pocket if you want.

This device has actually an in-built speaker in it which acts as the alarm. There is also an app called Protag associated with this device. Once this app is installed in your smartphone, the device can be wirelessly connected with your smartphone via bluetooth technology. Just go to the app and do the pairing with the Duet device and you are done to receive alert message once your smartphone is out of 10m range from the duet.

Suppose you are sitting in a restaurant and you kept your phone on the dinning table. It may be that after leaving the table you simply forgot to pick up your phone. Now, as you are moving away from your phone and hits the 10 m range, than immediately an alarming sound will come from the duet giving indication that you are forgetting your phone. This will work as long as the wireless bluetooth connection exists between the duet and your smartphone. Actually you can set in the app at what distance you need a beep sound (alarming sound) once you are moving away from your smartphone. I mean to say you can customize everything in the app as per your requirements. But bluetooth 4.0 wireless range is only limited to 30m. Here is a nice youtube demo of this device.

But this is not the only use of this device. Duet can also be used to work other way round. I mean to say this device can also be used to track various other things using your smartphone and duet together. In the app you will find different options to choose from which you want to track like wallet, luggage, keys, laptop, camera, briefcase, bag etc. Suppose you want to track your car keys using your smartphone. Then what you can do is to fix the duet with your car keys using it’s key ring. As long as the duet device is attached to the car keys and there exists a wireless connection between the device and the smartphone, it won’t be difficult to track your keys.

duet device can be attached with keys

If you have somehow lost your car keys, simply tap on the buzz button in the app and the beep sound will come out of the duet device attached to the car keys. If the keys are somewhere near to you, the beep sound won’t be hard to hear. But the beep sound can also be set to ring once you are out of range as set in the app as done earlier for loss of smartphone. Also the car keys can be located on the Google map in the app if you have lost them and its out of bluetooth range. So this device can be used to track lot of things in life which are important for you.

There is one more such device to remember things in your daily routine. This device is called droplet. This device can be attached to any product in your home or office. It can also be attached to a medicine bottle. If you have already taken the medicine just tap on the droplet device attached to it. Some day if you forget to take the medicine you will also forget to tap on the droplet device and this will let the app in your smartphone to know that you forgotten to take the medicine and it will send you a notification mail or message as set by you. Know more about this droplet device here.

Use this same cube shaped device to charge phone, use as torch, use as stand, use to hold keys, memory card slot, theft protection and lot more.


This device can be used to track your luggage during travel. Just keep it on top of all your belongings in the baggage.
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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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