Can bad liver be the cause of not able to sleep at night?

cool vibrations from top corner of head sahaja yoga

Bad liver really gives bad attention and that is also sometimes the reason that you are not able to sleep. The liver goes bad due to lot of thoughts in the mind when your mind becomes over-active. Even if there are no excessive thoughts in your mind still the liver could go bad due to over-eating. This happens when you eat more than what your liver could digest. The rule of nature is > excess of everything is bad whether its food or excessive thoughts.

According to Sahaja Yoga there are usually three types of people > left sided people, right sided people and people who are in the balanced state. The people who are over-active and over ambitious are called right sided people. While people who are lethargic, extremely emotional and think very negative are called left-sided people. Right sided people are the ones who want to be the first everywhere. I mean to say they want to involve themselves in every activity that is taking place in their family or society. If they cannot involve themselves in any such activities they feel like they are being neglected. Also their attention is too much on making money. On the other hand, left-side people usually completely avoid such family or social gatherings and want to keep themselves away in a state of loneliness.

Nature is really cruel to people who are over ambitious. If you already have millions but still if you are thinking and planning to make billions than you may suffer for being over active and over-ambitious. More you want to expand your business network more you will have to plan and that will make your brain over-active due to over planning. You should also pay attention to your soul which is what the nature wants from you. Both the left-sided and right-sided people are not in the balanced state of mind. Right-sided people are involved in too much activities which need the use of brain and as a result their mind becomes overactive and this causes their liver to suffer. Such right-sided people are not able to sleep at night due to over activity of the brain.

Opposite is the case with left-sided people who feel like sleeping all the time as they suffer from lethargic liver instead of an over-active liver. If you are not able to take proper sleep and if you think (from your discretion) you are a right-sided person than first of all you should avoid taking too much proteins in your diet. Meat should be specially avoided. This will help to bring your liver down to normal state from over-active state. On the other hand, left-sided people should start taking more proteins in their diet and meat will be very good for lethargic liver.

liver is on top right portion of stomach

The liver is located on the top right portion of your stomach (see picture above). Just pick an ice pack from your freezer and put it on the top right portion of your stomach (where liver is there). Here is a nice youtube video showing how to put ice pack on your liver. This would really really help to cool down the over-heated or over-active liver and will bring it to the normal state. Do this treatment everyday before you sleep (for atleast 10 min) and soon you will realize that you are able to sleep peacefully without any problems. This has worked great for me and that is the reason I have written about it.

You should note: > this is only my personal opinion and this is no way scientifically proved or tested. I practice Sahaja Yoga and Late Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was the founder of it. The information presented here was taken and applied by me from the collection of various abstracts of mother’s lectures as given in this PDF File about different states of human being and human liver. You can know more about such useful information by visiting the PDF link. The PDF file will also tell what type of personality the person with the bad liver has and what are the various diseases caused due to over-active and lethargic liver.

There is also a device called Fitsleep alpha 1 that can help you to sleep at night. Just you need to keep this device under the pillow which you make use of to sleep at night. This device is based on the theory of brain waves which are very useful in detecting a person’s state of mind. If a person is suffering from excessive thoughts in the mind, the frequency of beta brain waves will be very high and the device will detect it and accordingly will work to lower the frequency and bring it back to normal levels. Just visit the device link above to know more about this device.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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