What are different ways to take hand written notes on computer?

Rocketbook notebook

There are actually so many ways to digitize your written notes. But the real thing is how quickly and easily that can be done. There is a special notebook called rocketbook wave. This rocketbook wave notebook could be very useful to scan the written notes in it in a very fast and easy manner and then save and organize the notes into some folder in different free cloud services like good drive, evernote, dropbox, onenote and even your email address. This is done through a free app specifically meant for this notebook. You need to buy this rocketbook wave and then download the free app in your android or iOS smartphone. There are around 80 pages in this notebook.

A special pen called FriXion pen is also included when you purchase this notebook. It can also be purchased separately on Amazon. You need to use this pen only while writing, drawing or scatching in the rocketbook. There are also seven symbols and a QR code printed on each page in this notebook. With the help of the QR code on each page the app will be able to assign and recognize the page number of each page in the notebook. Once you have installed the app in your smartphone, you will also find the seven symbols in the app as well, as what you see on each page of the notebook. Within the app you can represent each symbol with a particular folder in a particular cloud service. Here is a nice video review of this notebook.

Before start scanning the text in this notebook you should sign up with the required cloud service and create a folder in it. Suppose one of the symbols, out of 7, is a star symbol on the page and you have a folder in the dropbox cloud service with the name star-folder. Using the app, in the smartphone, you can assign this star-folder to the star symbol and while scanning the text on any given page in the notebook (using the app) simply tick mark the star symbol (with the FriXion pen provided) on that page before scanning. Once you have tick marked the star symbol, now start scanning the page and this page will be automatically saved in the star-folder in the dropbox. Multiple pages can be scanned in a sequence and all the scanned notes will be saved and organized into the respective folder in an orderly manner in the associated cloud service.

rocketbook qr code and dark border

To scan any given page on the notebook you simply need to start the app and point the live scanner screen over the written text on the page. There is also a narrow dark border surrounding each page (see picture above) and that helps to capture the exact area of the page without scanning any other portion outside the dark border. If you are using any of the cloud services, as mentioned earlier, the folders in them can be accessed from any computer device whether its laptop, iphone, ipad or any other tablet or smartphone. There is also a method to erase all the written notes in the rocketbook using microwave oven and re-use the notebook again and again. Visit this page on official website or watch this youtube video to know how to erase all the written notes in this notebook using the microwave and also to watch the complete demo of this product.

There is also a similar notebook > Moleskine Evernote Notebook but this is only meant for people who only use Evernote as their cloud storage service. Click here to know more how this notebook can be used to organize written notes in it in the Evernote program (cloud service) on computer or laptop. This evernote notebook would be cheaper in price but cannot be used for other cloud services like dropbox, google drive and more.

Both the above mentioned notebooks are useful when you have already purchased these notebooks and write fresh notes on them to digitize them on computer devices. But what if you have already existing notebooks of your own (not evernote or rocketbook) and you want to digitize the written notes on them in any computer device? In that case these two scanner mouses > Zscan and Iris mouse scanner can be used to scan your written notes and instantly save them live in real time on computer or iphone or ipad or any brand of laptop. You can know more about these scanner mouses in detail by visiting the links mentioned above but these mouses cannot organize sequentially your digital notes. That is the only disadvantage with them, otherwise both are great to use to scan any text.

This mouse is in the shape of car which looks unusual and a good product to trick people arriving at home. Hardly anyone would know this is a mouse and not a car toy. See picture below.

mouse in the shape of a car

Just fold this unusual mouse 180 degree in below direction and it will connect to your computer. It works 1-3 months with a single charge.


Write on this Boogie Board with a stylus pen and it will be written live in real time on your computer.
This graphic tablet can help kids to draw on computer using a stylus pen. No need for mouse or keyboard.
This cutting machine tool will help kids to cut different designs out of a sheet of paper or fabric using the software provided.
This human figure puppet will let you to draw pictures in different poses and animate different characters with great ease.
This USB fan shows a LED light clock display on the area of it's two rotating blades once switched on.
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This invention kit will let you use anything as a computer keyboard. Even use apples and bananas as computer keys.
This Intel Compute Stick can help you to use your television as a computer with an operating system.
This fit to pocket printer requires no ink and print photos on the go. Also view photos as live photos through an app in smartphone.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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