How to read a user manual instantly on computer in big fonts

Zscan mouse in motion in animation

Nobody likes to read lengthy paper user manuals that come along with many company products you buy and that also in small fonts. But now there is a way to instantly read a user manual in bigger fonts and directly on computer (including laptop, ipad and iphone) instead of in the user manual booklet.

What you can do is to place this Zscan scanner mouse on the user manual and click on the scan button on the front of this mouse. Now just drag the mouse over the portion of the text in the user manual you want to read on computer with bigger fonts. As soon as you that a screen will appear on the monitor of your computer (or laptop or iphone or ipad) showing the exact text as in the user manual which you scanned or drag mouse over.

Zscan scanner mouse

This text will actually appear in a new file in the software associated with this Zscan scanner mouse. So first you need to install this software on your device through a CD provided along with the purchase of the scanner mouse. The text that appeared in the file in the software, after scanning text on the user manual, can also be edited to bigger fonts after copying it to a word document or even within the software file itself. So that is how you read content in usual manual live on computer after scanning the content with the help of the scanner mouse. Even if there are instructions in the user manual showing pictures of different parts of the product than all those pictures can also be scanned and taken to the computer in real time. These pictures can also be seen on computer with high resolution images.

This scanning works wirelessly through wi-fi or bluetooth connection between the scanner mouse and your device. So you don’t really need a USB cable to attach this mouse to your computer device. Just switch on the scan button on the mouse and after scanning all the content (you want to take to your computer device) switch off the scan button. Once you switch off the scan button, the content is ready to be read or edited on computer. When you are not scanning anything this mouse can also be used as a regular mouse. In case you are using ipad or iphone you should make use of this zscan app to scan your text or pictures.

There is also a problem when sometimes the user manual is in different language. That problem can also be resolved by using this scanner mouse. Once you have scanned the text and taken to the software, there you will find an option to translate your text in any language using Google translator. Here is a nice youtube video giving demonstration on this function and various other useful functions. This mouse could also be very useful for students who write notes in their text books. They can easily scan their written notes using this mouse and can take these notes to their computer or iphone or ipad and also to the Evernote which is a web based program of digital notebooks. Evernote is an excellent program to organize your notes in digital format and must for every student.

Zscan Evernote

This scanner mouse is also very useful for professional artists who draw on a sheet of paper and sell their piece of art online. They can scan their drawing instantly and take it to their computer device to upload on different online art websites to sell their art. Kids or anyone else can also scan their drawing and share it with friends and relatives on different social networking sites like facebook. This is a product that can be used by professionals in almost every field of life specially those who do lot of work on computers in their respective field. For example, people who are generating income from ad revenues on their websites can also scrap content from books (using this mouse) and then use the content on their website instead of writing content on their own which is really very time consuming.

This Zscan mouse is actually on the expensive side. If you need a mouse with same functionalities but cheaper in price than you can also opt for this Iris mouse scanner. Though this mouse scanner is cheaper but it is not wireless and utilizes a USB cable to connect to your computer. Also it may not work with your iphone or ipad or any other tablet. It is only meant for computers and laptops. If you are in India such similar mouse is sold on with the brand name MyScan. If you don’t need a brand than such scanner mouses are sold on (Chinese website) with much cheaper prices.

This mouse is in the shape of car which looks unusual and a good product to trick people arriving at home. Hardly anyone would know this is a mouse and not a car toy. See picture below.

mouse in the shape of a car

This notebook is associated with an app which can be used to scan the pages in it and then take to any computer device.
Just fold this unusual mouse 180 degree in below direction and it will connect to your computer. It works 1-3 months with a single charge.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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