Easiest way to make a drawing or animation with different poses

Stickybones animation puppet

A pose is the way you or anyone else want to be photographed, painted or drawn. Suppose you cover your both eyes with both of your hands and you want to be drawn on a sheet of paper that way. Then that is a one type of pose and often this pose is meant to indicate that you should not see anything bad or vulgar with your eyes. A lot of artists and animators need different poses for their drawings or animations. But they cannot hire someone permanently to make a pose for them whenever they need to draw.

Suppose an artist wants to create an art on a plain sheet of paper where he needs a pose of an athlete who is waiting for the whistle to blow and so just sitting and about to run at the starting point of 100m race. It will be difficult for an artist to ask someone to sit in that athletic pose till he draws. This, however, is the case with only those artists who still cannot draw accurately such a pose by their own imagination. For such artists a company, Stickybones LLC, has come up with an animation puppet which has also been given the name > Stickybones.


This puppet is a human figure made from engineering-grade polymers (see picture above). Just like human body has joints all over, similarly this human figure has the same joints at same places just like that of a human being. Due to these joints infinite number of poses can be made using this skeleton like human figure. There is no any such pose which any human being can make but this puppet cannot. Also, for a human being its difficult to stay in a single pose but this puppet can be fixed or held on the ground in any type of pose (even gravity defying poses) for infinite time as its different parts are flexible and magnetic in nature at joints.

That is the reason it is a great drawing tool for both artists and animators. Just think of any pose and it will be possible to apply this pose in this animation puppet. Kids can also take a snapshot (using a camera or smartphone) of this pose and then the image of this pose (jpg format) can also be taken to a laptop or tablet or smartphone. This same image then can be used in photoshop or any other graphic design software to create the boundry of this pose and then making your own custom figure out of it using the same pose. In a way, you copied the pose but it will need your own imagination to create your own figure out of it with that pose. Also the same image with a pose can be cut out of a sheet of paper using a printer like device called Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool.

This product is actually more useful for animators who are involved in wireframe animation technique. Animators need to make different poses, in a sequence, of their character in the form of different drawings. Drawings of different poses are then converted into 3d motion pictures using the computer animation software. Instead if they are using the animation puppet they don’t need to draw but they can take a snapshot of different sequential poses of the animation puppet directly and that will act as 3d motion pictures when they want to make their character as a moving or live character in the animation movie on computer. Here is a nice youtube video demonstrating that.

This product could also be very useful for creating storyboard thumbnails. Stop motion animation is all about joining the different poses of 3d motion pictures for the character to complete an action in a movie and that is the reason this product is very useful for stop-motion animation as it avoids the hassle of manually drawing the pictures of different poses on a sheet of paper first. To know more you can visit the official website of the company developing this product.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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