How a device can tell if you are meditating correctly or not?

Muse Headband

Sometimes you meditate but don’t really know if you are meditating in a correct way or not. In other words you are not able to understand whether your meditation worked or working for you or not. To overcome this problem certain devices have been developed that can read the frequencies of different brain waves in a person’s mind. There are five major brain waves in the order of lower to higher frequencies > delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. Each brain wave falls into certain frequency range. You can know about the frequency range of different brain waves by visiting this link on

During day time when your mind is very much active in your daily routine work than beta waves are active. The frequency range of beta waves is 12 to 38 HZ and if the device gives a reading of frequency falling in between this range that means your mind is in active state. Certain devices can measure the frequency of beta brain waves and other brain waves while you are meditating or even if you are doing any other type of work. Once such device is the brain sensing headband called muse. This is a headband which is worn on your head and it works through 6 different sensors fitted inside it to measure frequencies of different brain waves operational in a person’s mind. If a headband can measure the frequency of brain waves in a person’s mind it is not difficult to conclude whether the person is in meditation state or not.

For example, deep meditation and deepest meditation state can be concluded when the theta brain waves and delta brain waves respectively are active in a person’s mind. The device can know which brain waves are active by measuring the frequencies of the brain waves and as mentioned earlier each brain wave has a definite frequency range. For example, if the frequency of brain waves as measured by the device is between 3 to 8 Hz than it means theta waves are active in user’s brain and so the user is in deep meditation state. So its not difficult for such devices to know what state of mind the person is in and accordingly such devices can guide the user through audio voices during guided meditation.

Muse headband also works on the same concept though the company never mentioned anything about the brain waves in their user manual of the device. Just they want this concept to be secret so that no one can copy and produce another such device. Muse headband can be wirelessly connected (using bluetooth) with an app in your smartphone. This app is free to download and specifically built to work with this headband. You also get earbuds to listen to soundscapes during meditation. The app in the smartphone will send audio voices and other instructions to guide user during meditation and that is why installing and using the app is important while in meditation.

Basically Muse headband will instruct you to do a breathing exercise which is to concentrate on your breathe during meditation and gives feedback and results based on this exercise. The audio voice will play time to time during each session of your guided meditation. Also, sounds of wind will be played depending on the state of your mind. When your mind is calm and settled, you hear calm and settled winds. When your mind is active the winds will pick up and blow which is a sign that you are not able to meditate. This is the major concept but still there are lot more features of this device which you can know more about by visiting the official website or watch this youtube video review.

At the end of each meditation session the data will be sent to your smartphone and this data will help to track the progress of your meditation. You can also set the time of your meditation session in the app beforehand. Basically this product is meant to relax the active brain and help you know whether you are meditating correctly or not. If you hear the sound of birds during meditation session that gives clear indication that you are into deepest meditation.

I can also tell you about two more similar devices based on the same concept of brain waves. One is FitSleep α1 which can help you to sleep at night if you are not able to sleep. Other device is this kids headset which will help you to know if your child is concentrating on his studies or not. Also this device will let you know if your child is taking drugs.

Personally I would recommend Sahaja Yoga method of meditation through kundalini awakening which is something real and you feel the cool breeze of the holy ghost during meditation. This meditation proved to be life changer for me. I would say this is real meditation where you get the real energy in your body while the devices are simply meant for concentration and temporary relaxation.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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