Which phone charger is better than most other wireless chargers on the market?

FLI Charge

There is a wireless phone charger called FLI Charge (it has 4 components as shown in above picture) which is different and more efficient than most other wireless phone chargers on the market. First, FLI Charge is based on the technology of conduction charging while most other wireless phone chargers (including Samsung Qi wireless charger) are based on the technology of induction charging (Qi). In induction charging the Qi charging device can charge your phone battery without actual contact between the Qi charging device and your smartphone battery. You can know more how it happens by visiting the induction charging link above.

Even if you place a medium like wood in between Qi charging device and the phone battery, still the battery will charge by induction charging method as this happens through electromagnetic waves and requires no actual contact. The main disadvantage of this method is that your smartphone need to be compatible with the Qi charging device to charge it. That is the reason Samsung Qi wireless charger can only charge Samsung model phones whose batteries are compatible with it. In case you own a different brand phone than it will not be possible to charge your phone with Samsung Qi wireless charger.

This is where FLI Charge (as mentioned earlier) is better than any other wireless phone charger induction device as FLI Charge works through conduction technology (instead of induction) which requires direct contact between the smartphone battery (that need to be charged) and the charging device. Though direct contact is no way better than without contact (as in induction charging method) but still direct contact has the advantage of passing more and faster charging power than the non direct contact. Here is a nice video review of this product.

FLI Charge is a set of four things included in one product. One is main module called FLI Way 40 and other three are FLI Case, FLI Coin and FLI Cube (see picture above). FLI Way 40 is the base module and other three are meant to place over it to charge devices after attaching them to these three. You simply cannot put your any smartphone or tablet on the FLI Way 40 module to charge it as it won’t work as there is no direct contact and so no compatibility. The plastic body of the smartphone comes in the way even when placed over the module directly. However, in future smartphone manufacturing companies may decide to make their phone directly compatible with FLI Charge.

That is the reason FLI Case is first used to make it wear on your smartphone and then your smartphone is placed on the FLI Way 40 base module (also called pad) to charge your phone. This works as the FLI case is compatible with the base module (as direct contact is established through certain metal pins on the case) and it also creates a direct contact between the FLI Case and your smartphone device that needs to be charged. But certain smartphones cannot be even fitted into the FLI Case and so in that case FLI Coin and FLI Cube comes in handy. FLI Cube has a USB socket and it can be placed on FLI base module to charge any USB based device like your tablet, laptop, phones etc. Similarly FLI Coin is useful for certain devices which require Micro USB or Apple lightning connectors and cannot be charged through FLI Case or FLI Cube.

As a final conclusion FLI Charge can be used to charge most modern USB devices irrespective of their brand while other wireless phone chargers are only limited to certain specific phones only. Also multiple devices can be charged (5-6 smartphones or 3 tablets) at a time using FLI Way 40 module (as it provides 40 Watt of power) while that is not possible in any other wireless charger. Most other wireless chargers can only charge 1 or 2 devices at a time. Also there is a huge difference in the speed of charging. Using FLI Charge you can charge your smartphone as fast as plugging into an outlet which is not possible in any other wireless charger including Samsung Qi wireless charger. To know more about other useful features visit the official website flicharge.com.

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Compare FLI Charge with Samsung Wireless Charger


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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