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smartphone operated Quirky egg tray

Sometimes you are out of home for shopping. At the shopping center you see the eggs but don’t know whether you need to buy those eggs or not as you don’t remember if eggs are already in stock or not in the egg tray at your home. However, there is a special kind of unusual egg tray, being sold on Amazon, and it is known by the name Quirky Egg Minder. This egg tray can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone through an app called Wink App. The app is free to use and download in your smartphone once you have bought this egg tray. The wireless connection between the app and the egg tray is simple Wi-Fi connection which can be established any time wherever you are if you have an internet package (of any company) installed in your smartphone.

If you are at the shopping center simply use the Wink app in your smartphone to make a wireless connection with your egg tray and then the app will be able to tell you how many eggs currently are present in the egg tray placed in the fridge at your home. The picture of your egg tray at home will appear in the smartphone app and it will show the numbers of eggs filling the spots in the tray and will also show the empty spots in the egg tray. This will really help you to know if you need to buy more eggs or not at the shopping center after checking the stock at home.

This Quirky Egg Minder tray has total 14 spots available to fill it with 14 eggs. Best part is > this egg tray works through wi-fi connection and not bluetooth connection as bluetooth wireless connection is only limited to 30m or 100 feet range. You should have wi-fi connection at your home to setup wi-fi connection in the egg tray. Even if you are not at the shopping center and simply sitting at your home, still you don’t really need to open the fridge and check the number of eggs that exist in the tray. Simply check in your smartphone within seconds.

You also often want to use the oldest egg first so that it doesn’t get spoiled for keeping it for longer period of time. The egg tray itself will tell you which is the oldest egg in the tray. Each spot in the tray is actually associated with an LED light. So there are total 14 LED lights and these lights work through the 2 AA batteries in the tray. You hardly need to replace these two batteries as these batteries are hardly used. The batteries are only used only at times when the LED light blink. Just power on the button in the egg tray and LED light associated with the oldest egg will blink. Once you pick up this oldest egg than LED light associated with the next oldest egg will blink and so this is how it works.

Just switch off the power button(if you don’t want to know anymore which is the oldest egg in the tray) in the egg tray and that way your batteries will not be consumed. Even if batteries are consumed you can also extend the battery life by 80% of AA or AAA batteries by using batteriser. If you add more fresh eggs in the egg tray those will be considered new though they may be of older age when you bought from the supplier. This is a con of this egg tray as the system works based on when you add the egg in the egg tray, but this egg tray device is not capable of determining the actual age of the egg from the time when it was delivered by the hen.

There are also several more features that can be set using the app. For example, if any egg gets older than 7 days than the app should send you a reminder alert. This kind of thing and several other things can also be set in the app and notifications will be the sent to your smartphone. This product is also the best seller product on Amazon. Some bad ratings may be due to people who could not understand the functionality of the product properly. Here is a nice video review of this product. Here is the user manual of this product if you want to know about each and every feature of it.

Another interesting product is this device exactly in the shape of an egg and this egg device can be placed in the container with the real eating eggs when they are boiling. This egg device will start playing tunes once the real eggs have boiled completely. Visit the link mentioned above to know more about this unique product.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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