What to do if mobile phone battery is low in road trip by car?

BESTEK 300W power car inverter

Sometimes you find your cell phone battery to be low or dead while going for a trip by road in a car. That is the time when you need something to charge your phone in emergency. To charge a smartphone AC current is required and usually there are no any AC power outlets in cars to charge the phone. This problem can be resolved by using a device called car power inverter (see picture above). So what a car power inverter is meant for? A car power inverter, like BESTEK 300W power car inverter, converts DC current into AC current and then that AC current can be used to charge a cell phone.

Most modern cars have a cigarette lighter plug-in which is in front of driver’s seat meant for 12V DC current supply. The one end of the cord in the car power inverter device is meant to fit into the cigarette lighter plugin to get DC current from it and then this device will convert this DC current into AC current within its system. There are two USB ports and two AC power outlets fitted into this car power inverter and through any of these 4 outlets your smartphone can be charged as these outlets are meant to supply AC current needed for the cell phone charging. You should watch this youtube video demonstrating the working of car power inverter to charge a cell phone from it.

The capacity of Bestek car inverter is to supply 300 volt of AC power supply through its outlets and USB sockets. But the problem is that the cigarette lighter plug-in is meant only to supply 12 V DC current and this much is not enough to get full 300 V of AC current from the Bestek car inverter. Unless you get 300V AC supply it is not possible to charge several devices together or even separately like a tablet or a laptop or a smartphone or any other such device for long. In order to utilize the full potential of Bestek car inverter to charge multiple devices it needs to be connected directly with the battery of the car. To accomplish that purpose there is another device called BESTEK extension cord (picture below) for cigarette ligher plug-in.

BESTEK extension cord

One end of this extension cord is inserted into the Bestek car inverter and two of its clips on the other end are inserted into the terminals of the car battery. This will transfer the direct DC current of high voltage from the car battery to the Bestek car inverter and the car inverter will then fully utilize its complete 300 V AC current capacity to charge multiple devices at a time and also for longer period and in a faster way. You need to keep the engine of the car ON while charging the devices. This method of charging a smartphone is quite good but it makes you to stop on the highway.

In such a situation solar chargers can also be used to charge your smartphone provided there is constant sunlight available during the journey by road. This solar lantern and Waka Waka Power + are two such solar charges which are quite good to obtain energy from the sunlight and charge themselves. Once both these devices are charged through the sunlight they can be used to charge your smartphone or a laptop or a tablet as they have the required USB socket fitted into them. You can visit the respective links as mentioned above to know more about both these products. These devices may take 12 hrs or more to fully charge from the sunlight but if you keep 2-5 such devices with you then all of them in a combined way can be used to charge all your USB PC devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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