How to project your phone images on a pyramid and watch in 3d?

Below is the picture of a bird in 3d in pyramid placed above the screen of the phone.
holographic pyramid

It is now possible to project your smartphone images and films on a four sided pyramid like structure and all those images and films which will appear on the pyramid will look three dimensional (3d) as those are in air now (within 3d pyramid) outside the smartphone screen. The image is called to be remain in 2d as long as it is within the smartphone but once it is out of the smartphone screen it becomes a 3d image. You will feel as if the motion images has come out of the phone and displayed on the 4 vertical surfaces of the pyramid. Just like any character in the film in the video in your smartphone is in motion, similarly the same character will appear in motion in 3d when looked through any of the four vertical surfaces of the pyramid. The pyramid need to be placed on the screen of the smartphone when the video is being played in the smartphone.

There is also a pyramid like structure called Holoquad and is available for purchase at I used the coupon code > 4N03G2U and I got 20% discount as well. There is an add to basket button at the bottom of the site to order this product online. Here is a nice youtube video where a person is using this pyramid to display 3d motion images on it’s surface using his smartphone. The images of a bird are in motion in the video in the smartphone, similarly those images appear in motion on the 4 vertical sides of the plastic made pyramid like structure.

This method of viewing motion images in 3d is also called holography. Not just any video can be used for holography. You need to search “holoquad videos" in google or in the youtube search box to find videos which can be used to project images on the pyramid (holoquad). The pyramid like structure is just a demo to experience the idea of a hologram. But even without the pyramid it is now possible to watch smartphone images and films in 3d in air just above the screen of the smartphone. The images will look like coming out of the smartphone and displayed just above the screen of the smartphone as what you see in 3d movies. See the picture below.

holographic 3d smartphone

There is a smartphone called Takee 1 Holographic Smartphone (picture above) which is the world’s first smartphone with holographic effects. The 3d images coming out of this smartphone cannot be experienced through any online video because this is not possible. The user’s eye must be only 10m away from the screen of this smartphone in order to see the 3d or holographic effects. The user’s eye should also be the direct medium while watching the images and you also don’t need 3d glasses to experience 3d effects.

The recording of such 3d effects cannot be done through any camera (as it is not a direct medium) and that is the reason such 3d holographic effects cannot be experienced online unless you purchase this smartphone. That is also the reason the demo of such holographic effects is being experienced through a pyramid like structure (as mentioned above in first paragraph) so that people could know what exactly it is before purchasing any such holographic smartphone.

Also this holographic smartphone is on the expensive side and experiencing it with the pyramid is very cheap. It is not only cheap but this pyramid like structure can also be created at home and so no need to buy it. Here is the DIY video for making the pyramid. But there is another pyramid like structure called Holho which has been developed by a company called Cospetech. This pyramid is more advanced and bigger in size and also meant for most of the iOS and android devices to view the holographic effects. There is one video on their official website which will demonstrate their product.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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