What is the latest technology in cameras?

360fly camera

As per the latest trend in technology the cameras in the limelight are those which can capture photos in 360 degree and also record videos in 360 degree. So what are 360 degree videos and photos? You can watch 360 degree videos right now by going to this youtube link. All the listed videos on that page are 360 degree videos. Once you start a 360 degree video, on top left corner of the video you will find a circular base with 4 arrows pointing in 4 different directions. Also, once you place mouse on the screen of such video, there appears a small hand sign instead of the usual mouse cursor. This hand sign let you scroll on the video screen to view the scene in the video from different angles in 360 degree.

Suppose, when the video was captured the camera was fixed inside a car pointing towards the driver’s seat only. If the video was captured by using any ordinary camera (not a camera that is capable of taking 360 degree videos) than you will see the view of driver’s seat only in the video as the camera was pointing only there while recording. But if the camera used was a camera that was capable of making 360 degree videos, then once you scroll on the surface of the video you will also be able to see the back seat of the car and other inside views of the car instead of only driver’s seat view. So that is how a 360 degree video view differ from the usual video view.

360fly (picture mentioned above) is a camera that is capable of taking 360 degree videos. This camera is spherical in shape and even smaller than a tennis ball. The lens is fitted on top corner of its spherical body. You don’t need to point the lens at the object you want to capture a video of. Just put this camera on its base with the camera lens pointing towards the sky (in a normal position) in order to capture any scene. Here is a nice video showing how to film a scene in the right way using 360fly camera.

After fully charging the camera (with USB cable provided) Power On the button to start the camera and then with a click and release of a button (on the body of the camera) the recording can be started. When you want to stop the recording, push and release the same button again. The camera has 32 GB of internal storage to store your captured 360 degree videos and photos and also these videos and photos can be transferred to any other device (like your smartphone or tablet or computer) using wi-fi or bluetooth connection.

There is also an app called 360fly app associated with this 360fly camera. Its free to download the app on your smartphone and this app can also be used to start and stop the recording of any scene you want to capture. Sometimes when your smartphone is not with you, the button on the camera can directly be used to do the recording (as mentioned earlier). Here is a nice video showing how to connect your camera with your smartphone app and how to see the live streaming of the scene in the view finder of the app. Once you have made a 360 degree video using your smartphone than it can be saved in the smartphone itself and than it will also be possible to share the video with friends and family members on various social networking sites. Also you can use google cardboard to look at these 360 degree videos and experience the 360 degree immersion as what you experience with virtual reality headsets.

You can also upload your 360 degree video here on youtube so that people can see your video as a 360 degree on youtube and not like any ordinary video without 360 degree. However, photos cannot be directly captured using this camera. But photos can be carved out from the 360 degree video you recorded and this can be done using the 360fly app. The exact procedure to do that can be understood with the help of this tutorial page on the official website. But these photos won’t be 360 degree photos as this camera is actually not meant for 360 degree photos.

So what are 360 degree photos? There are certain specific cameras only like Panono which can capture a 360 degree photos. Such photos are often viewed through an app associated with cameras which are capable of capturing 360 degree photos. When viewed through the app you can scroll on the surface of the photo in the app to view the photo with different angles in 360 degree field of view. To understand it better visit the link of Panono as mentioned above.

Another interesting product is this paper airplane with a module which has a live streaming camera fitted on it and it can be controlled by an app in your smartphone. Using google cardboard (a virtual reality content viewer) when you will look at the live streaming in your smartphone, you will feel as if you are flying through the air riding a paper airplane.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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