How to film a scene from sky even while on earth

Airdog drone to film scene from sky

Suppose you are filming a scene for a movie and want to make a footage of your fighting motorbike stunts with bad guys (as per the demand of the script in the movie) from the sky. In other words, you want to make a video of your bike stunts from sky. The only solution you can think of is to hire a helicopter and film the scene from the helicopter, in the sky, using a powerful camera. But actually there is no need of a helicopter to film a scene from sky. This can be done through a drone (or flying robot) specifically made to do so. This drone is called Airdog developed and marketed by a company called Airdog Inc.

This drone also comes up with a device called AirLeash which needs to be worn on your wrist or arm for things to work. In a way, AirLeash will act as your wristband or armband and Airdog, the drone, will fly in the sky (to film the scene) and that will be automatically controlled by the AirLeash. There is actually a GoPro camera fitted on the drone that will film the scene or so called make the video.

Suppose the demand of the scene, for the movie, is to run your bike behind the bad guys who are traveling in a jeep, and then catch hold of them and beat them. In that case the drone, which is in air, should also fly or run in the sky following you (the biker) as you are running behind the bad guys on earth (in order to film the scene). The drone also need to be as close as possible to you (the biker) but at a certain required height in the sky. The Airdog drone actually does this job perfectly and that is what it is meant for. You can always set the drone’s height and angle, using the AirLeash wristband, at the location of the scene. By angle I mean whether the drone should fly, in the sky, at an angle following your back or following your front or following your sides (left side or right side) as you move ahead on the road, with your bike, for the scene.

Suppose you want the height of the drone to be 200 ft and it’s distance from your back to be 10 ft, than this can be easily set to film the scene. Now if you want this height and distance to be remain same > as both the drone and your bike are moving forward, than speed should be same for both the drone and your bike. Speed can also be set as per your requirements for the drone using Airleash armband.

Everything will be set before the filming of the scene starts, and the drone will automatically start the recording and end the recording as per given instructions by you beforehand through Airleash band. The settings can, however, always be changed using the Airleash band. The angle of filming can also be changed after certain period of time or regular interval of time and that can be set using the Airleash Band. But still, this drone won’t be as good as a human being filming the scene manually from a helicopter taking different angles into mind at different points of time in the scene. The drone also automatically lands on the same spot from where it took off after a certain period of time as set by you, or if the drone comes to know if the battery level is going down, or when you press a button on the Airleash band instantly to make it come down when it is at some height.

This drone is basically meant for actions sports like Wakeboard, Surf, MTB, Windsurf, Backcountry and Kiteboard but can also be used for any purpose you want, specially for recreational purpose. Its main purpose is the filming from the sky. But Airleash Band works differently for different sports and you can know more about that by visiting official website or watch these two amazing videos > youtube video 1 and youtube video 2 to see the product in action. In the video 1 the person in the later half of the video is moving on the skateboard and he was filmed from the air at the height as set for the Airdog drone.

In certain action sports your action may involve jumps which are too high from ground level or sea level. In that case, your Airleash wristband may also achieve the same height as you yourself in that particular action, but by that it doesn't mean the drone will also jump above its location in the air to the same height. The drone will remain fixed according to the height as fixed by you in the Airleash band. This will actually also help to get a closer incoming scene of your jump when the position of the drone is fixed in air.

This drone was to make a video from sky. But there is also a ball shaped spherical camera which is quite unusual in the sense that it has 36 lenses fitted at regular intervals on it’s surface. Just throw this camera in the air and it will take a snapshot in all directions in 360 degree when it reaches at its highest point. This is a camera with maximum resolution till date and its great for panoramic views. Here is another drone camera that can hover or float in mid air and capture photos and make videos using the app in the smartphone.

Another interesting product is this paper airplane with a module which has a live streaming camera fitted on it and it can be controlled by an app in your smartphone. Using google cardboard (a virtual reality content viewer) when you will look at the live streaming in your smartphone, you will feel as if you are flying through the air riding a paper airplane.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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