Is there any device that can help me to sleep at night?

FitSleep α1

There is a device called Fitsleep alpha 1 (FitSleep α1) that can help to sleep better at night if you are not able to sleep deeply or if it takes lot of time for you to finally fall asleep. You need to keep this device below the pillow you use for sleeping. There are different types of brain waves a human being goes through while in different states of mind like relaxed state, concentrating hard, sleeping state, meditation state etc. There are five major brain waves in the order of lower to higher frequencies > delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. When a person is sleeping, he is in the state where low frequency alpha, theta and delta brain waves are active.

According to the company’s research reports there are four different stages of sleep in the order > awake, light sleep, intermediate sleep and deep sleep. As a person enters into deep sleep from light sleep, the brain waves also shift from, starting with alpha, to theta and finally entering into delta waves. Beta brain waves are only active when the person is not in sleep state and he is engaged in his daily routine work. Alpha waves, the starting waves while going into sleep, play major role when the sleep cycle starts.

Now the problem with a person who is not able to sleep properly is that his beta brain waves are still active even while he is trying to sleep. But as mentioned earlier the person should enter the phase of alpha waves in order to go into the deep sleep state from light sleep state. This is where the role of the device FitSleep α1 comes into play as it utilizes a chip to emit alpha waves whenever required. The device also includes different sensors like infrared, pressure, machine learning and vibration sensors to collect necessary frequency data for different brain waves. Each brain wave has a definite frequency range.

Through the frequency data collected the device is able to know which state of the brain wave the user is in. For example, if the user is still in beta wave state even while trying to sleep, than the device will start emitting alpha waves to initiate the process of sleeping. Since this device is placed below the pillow of the user, the device will be able to detect everything regarding the user’s state of mind. Here is a nice video review of this product.

Through frequencies data of brain waves, the device is able to detect which brain wave state the user is in as each brain wave has a definite frequency range. You can watch this youtube video where a person is wearing a headset which can collect frequency data of his brain waves and the data is being sent to the computer in an app associated with the headset. The app is displaying all live data of user’s brain on the computer.

Coming back to FitSleep the sensors in it can also detect user’s breathing patters and heart rate giving more evidence of his state of sleep and act accordingly. If you want to go into more depth of this subject you can read this research report about the working of this device with more detailed analysis. The report also tells about a clinical trial carried out on 800 people using this device and the device really proved itself. But still nothing can be guaranteed about the accuracy of this product as the views are still different by different researchers.

There are many sleeping gadgets in the marketplace but most of them are meant only to measure the sleeping patterns and collect sleeping time data but really none of them help to sleep. FitSleep is different in the sense that it also acts as a lullaby to make you sleep when you are not able to sleep.

This similar concept of brain waves is also utilized by parents to read the state of mind of their child. If a child is not concentrating on his studies the frequency of his beta waves will be below the normal frequency range of beta waves at the time when the child is studying. We need to focus on beta waves as beta waves let us know if we are focusing our mind on something or not. Beta wave represents the active mind state. The parents utilize a headset and they ask their child to wear that headset in order to get frequency data of child’s beta waves on computer through an app associated with the headset. Only thing needed is the wireless bluetooth connection between headset and computer in order to get data on the computer. You can know more about this headset here.

Use this ice-pack on top right portion of your stomach and that will help curing bad liver and bad sleep at night.


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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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