How toys can be run more by extending their battery life?


Toys which utilize AA or AAA pencil cell batteries are not preferred anymore due to higher cost on short life of such batteries. But now a company, Batteroo Inc., has come up with a solution for this. They have developed a product called batteriser which acts as a reusable sleeve for the expired AA, AAA, C and D batteries. By using the word ‘expired’ I mean the life of the battery has ended after its complete use by the toy and it is in the state of thrown away.

According to the company there is still 80% of the juice left even after the battery’s complete use by the toy. This remaining juice is being utilized by attaching the batteriser to the body of the expired battery and then inserting it again in the slot of the toy which you want to run or play. This batteriser is very thin in size and it is made of stainless steel. That is the reason even after fixing or attaching it to the expired or dead battery, the battery can still be comfortably fitted into it’s slot without any problem. If the battery is new and still not dead, even than the batteriser can be attached to the new battery to utilize it’s maximum potential. This is really useful for kids who want to extend the use of their toy without spending on new batteries.

The only problem is there are certain instances where the slot of the battery is too tight to insert the battery attached with the batteriser. But this is for some other types of devices and not the toys where the slots of batteries are not so tight. The company is planning to make this product universal for all types of devices which utilize double A, triple A and C and D batteries. You need to purchase one batteriser for each battery and so if your toy utilizes 6 triple A batteries for its functioning than you will need to purchase 6 batterisers.

Here is a nice youtube video where it is shown the level of battery usage before the batterisers are attached to the batteries inserted into an apple keyboard, and the level of battery usage once the batterisers are attached to the batteries inserted into the apple Keyboard. You will see the difference yourself. The Apple laptop device will show you the reading that the battery is still unutilized 100% after attaching the batterisers. This gives an idea how effective this product is. But this product is only meant for pencil cell batteries.

There is another such product called BETTER RE which can increase the life of the smartphone batteries in a similar way but that is not meant for pencil cell AA type batteries. You simply need to insert your old and dead smartphone battery into the compartment of the BETTER RE and than connect your smartphone (you want to charge) with the BETTER RE, using the USB cable, and that will be enough to charge your phone from that dead smartphone battery. It is really a very interesting product. Just go to the link mentioned above to know more about it or watch this youtube video.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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