How to make a stand on your own for any home based product?


There is a very useful product called formcard to make a stand for anything you want. Formcard is a bio plastic material in the shape of a credit card and its size is also very close to the size of a credit card. It is very easy to carry it in a pocket or wallet and so it can be used anywhere you want. Just you will need some hot water in a glass and then simply dip the formcard into the hot water. The water need not be too hot and even slight warm water is enough to melt the formcard. Within just a minute or so the formcard will melt into a state (like a clay) where it can be moulded into different shapes after taking it out of the hot water glass. This melted (clay or putty like) state of the formcard will let you make a stand for anything you want.

Suppose you want to make a stand for your smartphone. What you need to do is to simply mould the melted formcard into the shape of a stand as per your requirement and specification, and let the melted plastic stand to harden for 10-15 min and you are done. In the normal air temperature melted formcard gets hardened if left alone for 10-15 minutes and that is the major concept working behind the creation of different stands for different products at home. Here is a nice youtube video showing a person who has created a mobile phone stand using the form card. Below is the picture of a phone with a formcard made stand.

phone stand created out of foamcard

How good looking the stand will be, will depend on how creative you are. Once you have created anything out of the melted formcard, you can also dip your creation in the cold water to let it harden quickly. Cold water actually has the opposite effect of that of hot water. This 25 min youtube video is good enough to see the creation of different stands and other home based products using the formcard.

Formcard can not only be used to make different stands but can also be used to fix different broken things at home. Since formcard comes in different colors, you can also think of color matching while fixing different broken things in different colors at home. For example, toys can also be fixed. If a plastic made toy is broken, the broken parts can always be joined again using the melted form of the formcard. The broken joint thus fixed will harden so much that no way it can get broken again and that is the best thing about this product. The kids can actually create different things out of melted formcard just like they do with kinetic sand. Even after hardening, the created product can be melted again by inserting it in the hot water. In a way, we can say that everything can be recycled even after use. This is the case both with the kinetic sand as well as the formcard. Kinetic sand, however, doesn’t get hardened after creating anything out of it and is only good for instant playing by kids.

Different stands that can be made by using formcard are like the stand for a candle, stand for your paint brushes, hooks for your kitchen utensils, stand for your toothbrushes, pen and pencil holder stand, clothing hanger stands, and lot more. Imagine anything in your mind and it will be possible to create it.

This formcard product is actually also quite similar to another product called Mouldable Polymorph Plastic sold on ebay. I would say only difference is the shape but both the products does the same job. Mouldable Polymorph Plastic looks like circular shaped beads and they can be easily melted in hot water and than can be moulded into different shapes in the same way as the formcard. Also it is cheaper.

Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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