Best gift ideas to make your kids busy with aiming

1) Savage Island Toy Archery Set

Savage Island Toy Archery Set
Some children are very focused and disciplined and peaceful from inside. These are the children who will be good at aiming the desired target, whether its through sports like shooting, hunting, or archery, or life in general. Such children often demand toys, which require aiming, as they are interested in such activities due to their focused and disciplined nature. If your child fall under this category (the category of focused and disciplined children) and if he/she is above 6 years, than this archery toy set will prove to be a boon.

This is not a normal archery set, but its built in a way to experience some sort of real archery. There are several things in the complete set. First one is the target board, where the child need to aim at, using the bow and the arrow. The target board can be set, to be located at a height of around 3 feet, with the help of a stand provided along with the archery set. The target board is quite colorful, and contains rounded circles in different colors around the target point.

Various numbers are also printed, in different colored circles, on the target board. This has been done to target different numbers while aiming with 4 arrows provided. The arrows provided are longer than normal, so that the target can be aimed from distant places, and arrows don't divert due to air pressure. Suction cups are also attached to the arrows, so that the arrows stick to the target on the board, when released from the bow. Its a perfect playset to start learning the basics of archery.

The bow is also big in size, and tension in the string of the bow is medium, so that it doesn't harm children in anyway due to bruises coming from lot of practice. This set, however, is not meant for much long range targets. For long range targets you can go with no.2 product below which is even more exciting.

2) Marshmallow Bow and Mallow

Marshmallow Bow and Mallow
In the normal sense, marshmallow is a type of sweet used for eating. But in this playset (named as Marshmallow Bow and Mallow) marshmallows are used as arrows to shoot at least 30 ft. There is a glass magazine tube, used in this set, to insert at least 25 pieces of marshmallows, and then this tube is fixed in the bow at the location made for it.

If you want to beat someone with continuous 25 strikes of marshmallows, then this playset can really help, but you need to pull the bow trigger each time for every strike. Some other product can also be used, having similar shape and size as marshmallows, for striking. But the velocity of throw may differ for different products. A light weight product may move to shorter distances only.

Before you can use this item, it will require assembling the 5-6 parts and that will not take more than 5 minutes. The bow is strong, and it sounds quite well when marshmallows are fired through it. You should watch this youtube video for more product details, and its unboxing, and its use. Marshmallows, you need to purchase from the market separately, as those are not provided along with this set. However, this product may not be that good for accurate aiming. The no.1 product mentioned above is more better for aiming. This toy product is only good for fun with firing voices, and also some other child would like to catch the marshmallows once they are fired.

Please note: If you want to see the demo of "Marshmallow Bow and Mallow" available on than check out this youtube video instead, as its slightly different.

3) BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster

BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster
This is a shooting gun toy, that can fire darts upto 50 ft, and so its range is even better than no.1 and no.2 toys mentioned above. This is more of a soldier type gun, and its built in a professional way. Its also quite big in size. This gun fire darts which are plastic made bullets. It doesn't require any batteries as its air-powered. A smart stick target is also provided along with the gun for aiming. Its a toy which looks more of a machine gun, that can fire 20 darts within seconds, but need to pull trigger for each fire.

Its simply an amazing toy and cannot be ignored. Its even cheaper than no.1 and no.2 mentioned above. I would recommend this more than the other two aiming products mentioned above. The functioning of this toy gun can be better understood with the help of this youtube video. There is one another more advanced gun with built-in-camera to take pictures and videos of all your firing.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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