Best gift ideas for toys that make petrol filling noises

There are certain toys that produce some realistic sounds and one of them is the category of toys that produces the sound effects such as glugging petrol filling noises. The sound is something similar to when a liquid is being poured into a container from a bottle. Such sound effects can really amuse a child and so the toys creating such noises are worth buying. I know about four such toys that make "gloop gloop" kind of noises as if petrol filling the tank.

The Chicco Talking Driver

Chicco Talking Driver
This is a toy to educate your child with 2 language skills (English and French) and reading the numbers from 1 to 10. This toy is in the shape of a steering wheel with different kinds of buttons on the dashboard producing different sound effects and lights when pressed. Since steering wheel signifies a car there are different sound effects related to a car. The steering wheel is located at the central portion of the toy. On the extreme left there is a button in the shape of a key which when rotated produces sound like that of a starting car. The button next to the key is exactly the button which has a cap and once the cap is removed and button inside it is pressed, it will produce the glugging petrol filling noises which we are mainly concerned with. When the steering wheel is rotated it produces sound as if the car has taken the speed once started.

On the extreme right portion of the toy there is a button which teaches counting from 1 to 10 once pressed. In front portion of the toy there are different buttons on different themes and each theme produces a specific sound related to that theme. Like when the home theme button is pressed it will produce the sound of a home door bell. Sound of children playing in a park is produced when the button related to park theme is pressed and so on. Its really a great fun toy for children from 1-3 years of age. Here is a nice video to know more about this toy >>

Fisher Price Rollin Ramps Garage

Fisher Price Rollin Ramps Garage
This is another toy equipped with a petrol pump with buttons on it. Once the buttons on the gas pump are pressed, it produces fun and realistic sound effects of glugging petrol filling noises. Basically its a garage toy with two floors and a toy car (with toy driver sitting on it) can be lifted up onto the top floor with the help of a mechanic lift. Once released from top floor the car will spiral down in a round circle and finally will land on the ground floor. This garage toy however will require assembling of individual parts once unboxed from the purchasing box. This toy is quite sturdy as its a product from Fisher Price company which is well known for its quality and durability.

Lego Duplo 5608 Train Starter Set

Lego Duplo 5608
This is one of the best toy train sets involving circular track for the battery operated train to move in a circle once starter button being pushed. The running train involves a carriage and an engine including passengers and driver. There is also a bridge through which the train has to pass. Here again, in this toy, the fun part is the glug glug noise coming out when it comes to refilling the engine tank with fuel at the gas station. When the train is stopped by pushing a button, the sound of squealing brakes that comes out is also quite realistic. But this is a toy which require lot of assembling as all Lego toys are meant for creation of something through different individual parts.

Little Tikes Cozy Pumper

Little Tikes Cozy Pumper
This is a toy which is more specific to a petrol pump as it is exactly in the shape of a petrol pump attached with a hose, and a pretend nozzle to fill the petrol in a toy car. Since this toy is battery operated it also makes realistic sound of beeping horn, glugging and engine type noises. This toy can be used as an addon to any vehicle playset.

This device will help you to run or play your battery operated toys for many extended days by recycling their battery life.

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Written by: Rajesh Bihani

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