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10 July, 2016   How to study even if there is no electricity to power light and fan

This device is very useful to use it as a nightlight and it can be charged via sunlight generating free energy. Also use it to charge other USB devices.

11 July, 2016   How to make a stand on your own for any home based product?

Formcard is a plastic made card that can be melted by placing it in hot water and than it can be moulded into different shapes to create and fix different things out of it.

12 July, 2016   How toys can be run more by extending their battery life?

AA and AAA dead batteries can now be instantly recycled and reused using a product called batteriser and that will help kids to run and play with their battery operated toys much longer.

13 July, 2016   Is there any device that can help me to sleep at night?

This device acts as a lullaby to make you sleep at night when you are not able to sleep. It utilizes the concept of brain waves.

14 July, 2016   How to film a scene from sky even while on earth

This drone can be used to film a scene on the earth from a certain required height above the earth through GoPro camera installed in it.

15 July, 2016   What is the latest technology in cameras?

Know about the latest trend in cameras which are capable to capture photos and videos that can give a 360 degree field of view.

16 July, 2016   How to project your phone images on a pyramid and watch in 3d?

This four sided pyramid like structure can be used to watch holographic 3d images coming out of your smartphone. You don't even need 3d glasses to experience such holographic effects.

17 July, 2016   What to do if mobile phone battery is low in road trip by car?

A car power inverter can be used to convert DC current of the cigarette lighter plug-in, found in front of driver's seat, to AC current and then this AC current can be used to charge a smartphone using AC power outlet and USB socket on the car power inverter.

18 July, 2016   If you are in the market check no of eggs at home in smartphone

This unusual egg tray can be wirelessly connected with your smartphone and using the app in the smartphone it will be possible to know how many eggs the tray is filled with, if you want to know it when you are at the shopping centre or any other place.

19 July, 2016   Which phone charger is better than most other wireless chargers on the market?

FLI Charge is better in the sense that it can charge instantly and can be used to charge multiple devices at a time and also it can charge almost any smartphone, or tablet or any other USB based device irrespective of the brand.

20 July, 2016   How a device can tell if you are meditating correctly or not?

Muse brain sensing headband can help you to know the state of your mind during meditation and accordingly will play audio voices during meditation session to guide you. Also will send all the measured data in smartphone.

21 July, 2016   Easiest way to make a drawing or animation with different poses

This human figure animation puppet can be very useful for artists and animators to create drawings and animation movies in different poses of their characters.

22 July, 2016   How to read a user manual instantly on computer in big fonts

This Zscan scanner mouse can be used to scan text and photos from user manuals of different company products and can be taken to computer devices to read in bigger fonts and also in different languages.

23 July, 2016   What are different ways to take hand written notes on computer?

Find here four different ways to take your hand written notes on any computer device.

24 July, 2016   Can bad liver be the cause of not able to sleep at night?

According to Sahaja Yoga the bad liver gives you bad attention and the bad attention in turn doesn't let you to sleep at night. This often happens with people who are over-active in life.

25 July, 2016   How to get an alert message when you are forgetting your phone somewhere?

Duet device will send you alert messages if you are forgetting your smartphone somewhere within a specific range. This is done via an app associated with this device.

26 July, 2016   Which pocket device can be used as 7 different things alone?

This wondercube device can be used for charging a phone, use it as a phone stand, act as a android OTG micro USB cable, use it for keys, use it as a torch and lot more.

28 July, 2016   How to wash your clothes within just 3 to 5 minutes while on trip?

This Scrubba bag can also be used as a washing machine other than using it as a regular bag to carry your belongings. Just wash your clothes from it without the need for AC or DC Current.

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